The LLama Update – October 2016

Damn… Yeah, it’s been over a month since my last post, which is way too long for my liking. The last post on September 19th was the release of our short film ‘The Photoshoot’, in the time since that release Insane LLama has been extremely busy in all kinds of activities.

(Mike approves this message!)


First of all if you’ve been following our Instagram or Youtube you’d notice we’ve start a weekly update show for our Fantasy Football League. Titled: ‘The Best League In The World: Fantasy Update’. In the past month we’ve released 4 episodes, with the past week being a bye week for the show.

Basically we created the show to keep all the team owners in our league interested and more active in the long run; which the show has succeeded in doing that. The league is the most active it has ever been, plus there is complete parity among the teams this year.

You’re probably thinking why would you watch the show if you’re not even in the league or may not even follow fantasy football. Well we definitely try to keep the show entertaining for outsiders with funny segments and things that are just different from other sports shows.

Every week we make a new episode, we’re learning and refining the show to make it exactly what we want. Plus we have Brad Delfeld in the show, famous from cult roles such as ‘Snow Jenson’, ‘Mr. Winter’, and ‘Frosting Beard’. Who doesn’t want to see Brad make a fool of himself?

The show films every Tuesday night, then depending on if editing errors arise, should be released either Thursday or Friday. This weeks show is being pushed back a little since a little known team from Chicago who happen to play the sport of baseball is in its first world series since 1945! Yes you are actually hearing that right, the Chicago Cubs are in the world series. Eliot and I have been die-hard fans our entire lives so yes, Cubs games come first no matter what. It’s so important that I walked out of my class so I can get home to watch the first game of the series.

So be on the lookout for this weeks Fantasy Update later this week. Also if Eliot and I go completely vacant early next week, the Cubs possibly lost and we would be in a deep depression.

(The league logo! But the Milwaukee Minions for some reason changed their name to the Phlugerville Fingerblasters this past week, completely screwing up all the logos, etc I made.)


Other business that has happened in the past month is I (Evan) joined a Dodge College of Film and Media Arts senior thesis called ‘Blur’. Eliot, Mike, and I were the sound team for the first two weekends of October, plus early next year I will be sound designing the project once it becomes picture locked.

The film is about a young man who wakes up and his penis is blurred out. Throughout the ensuing day he becomes more censored such as his swear words being bleeped out. Apparently the script was written by some ‘Simpsons’ writers. Anyway it was an interesting set were Eliot and I learned a lot, especially new ways to help run our sets more smoothly. Be on the lookout for Mike’s cameo in the movie once it releases sometime in the spring next year.

(Look. People standing around not doing anything on a set!)


In other news in the past week I’ve went back and re-mastered many aspects of our short film ‘Savage’. More specifically I’ve re-worked the sound design and mixing while also doing more color correction. Eliot and I are extremely satisfied with how the film is now. The main reason we went back to do more work on the film is to make the best it could be before we start sending it off to film festivals.

The Last bit of news I want to end this post is some positive news for us here at Insane LLama. In the beginning of September I got an email about a free film festival called ‘The Young Filmmakers Festival’. Well since it was free I said why not and submitted a film of ours called ‘Corollary Findings’. This was selected since it was under the 8 minute limit, plus it is a film of ours that has an original score from me, avoiding copyright laws.

Well, our film was selected to screen at the festival, which would be Insane LLama’s first ever film to screen at a film festival. We’re happy to hear that and excited for people to actually see a film of ours on a big screen. Sad news is Eliot and I can’t even make the festival since it’s in Tennessee, but good news is our parents are making the drive down from Illinois to represent us at the festival. There will be many awards handed out at the festival so we’re getting our dad’s acceptance speech ready. The best news though is Eliot and I are getting free T-shirts!


Well, I think that’s all I’ll share for now in this update. There’s actually some other stuff but I’ll wait to share that information when it becomes more concrete. Hopefully this blog will be updated more frequently and I’ll try to make sure of that. Stay awesome! Until next time.

The LLama Update – October 2016

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