Cloudy + Chippy – Short Film


Eliot and I made a quick new short film the other night… Well sort of, it’s not very much and I’d say isn’t really up to the standards of what we are capable of now. It’s more of a test of a couple things I wanted to try out.

I wanted to try out a effect or more of a seamless transition between two characters with the camera panning between them. Well it didn’t work as I expected but the good thing is I now know how to do correctly for whenever we want to try it again. Basically what went wrong this time is there was a slightly different look between the two shots I wanted to seamlessly transition between, but the bigger problem is the camera picked up a pretty good amount of noise in the video, making it hard to transition between the two shots.

Next time I got to make sure the shots are identical which can be accomplished with sticking with one camera set up and not the two I did this time. I also got to make sure my camera settings are correct next time to avoid the noise; which I believe I missed in this test because I messed with the brightness and contrast settings on my Atomos Shogun.

If there is noise I could just use a post-production noise remover which I did try out this time and fixed part of the problem. The issue with this fix is it adds many hours to the videos render time, which I couldn’t afford this time since I had other projects in line that needed to be rendered out quickly.

The video was also a test for some LUT’s I wanted to try out through the Shogun. I’ve never utilized LUT’s in the past and through a School project I’m currently working on I got to experience how they can be useful in giving a film a better look or more importantly capturing better S-Log2 footage through my A7s.

There’s all kinds of LUT’s that can be downloaded for free off the internet; colorist or just people in general are always creating some, which most usually give out for free. There’s film emulation, stylized filters, and color space LUT’s out there to use, with all of them being useful for achieving that look a filmmaker wants.

I’ve been looking into the color space ones such as Rec. 709. This color space is known as the current HDTV standard for broadcasting television and many films also utilize this space. This standard is going to be replaced by Rec. 2020 in the upcoming years with UHD televisions coming into the market; but for now Rec. 709 will be used.

I tried a couple S-Log2 to Rec. 709 LUT’s out through my Shogun and a couple gave a good look. I ended up liking and choosing one which I selected to burn straight into the footage instead of applying in post. It didn’t change the footage drastically but mostly just spruced up the colors to my liking.

I will definitely be experimenting with LUT’s and production color settings more in the upcoming future.

Anyway back to the actual short film which is titled “Cloudy + Chippy” for the two characters Eliot plays. Chad the main character has two versions of himself: one the sad cloudy type and the other a more joyful chippy guy.

This is a 5.1 surround sound project since I’ve gotten quite accustomed to working with 6 channels when sound designing/mixing. It’s basically much more entertaining creating pans through different channels and experimenting layering sounds and effects through multiple speakers. I believe most of the work that will be coming out from us now will utilize surround sound; especially since I’m led to believe that Youtube supports 5.1 even with its heavy compression methods.

Well here’s the short film’s link while also being embedded on this post, choose which ever you prefer, but I suggest clicking the link since it will be higher quality. Feedback on how the seamless transition effect can be perfected or just what you think of the short is appreciated. I can also answer any questions about LUT’s or using them through the Atomos Shogun.

Consider subscribing to our Youtube pages or a quick follow of this blog, we’ll try to make it worth the click. Enjoy and until next time!

Cloudy + Chippy

Cloudy + Chippy – Short Film

The Actors of Insane LLama

Actors of LLama

Insane LLama has had a lot of people come and act for us over the years, from our friends in the early years, to the trained professionals in recent years. A lot of these people we have come to consider regulars for us because they are ready to act for us in a moments notice.

We don’t really have exact terms to be considered one of our regulars; but for a loose definition we’ll just say that they had to be in 4-5+ short films and also been in a short film we made just for fun on the spot. Most of the professional actors we have worked with in recent years worked in our planned bigger short films which most of the time have a script written in advanced.

These latest years saw only two people really become a regular with us; which include the talented Zach Williamson and Mike Pinkerton. That doesn’t mean we won’t be getting any new folks to come along, we have our eyes on some actors we want to work on a regular basis and are always looking to expand our ranks of people we can rely on.

So far since 2006 there have been 21 dudes (We really need to find some of those ladies) which we have considered a regular here with us at Insane LLama. Last night I got bored and actually made posters/covers for all 21 of these true friends.

Here are all 21 of them for everyone to look at and closely scrutinize their faces. In alphabetical order of their first names. Enjoy!

Aidan Evans

Andrew Milz

Andy O'Brien

Blake Kiefner

Brad Delfeld

Connor Hague

Eliot Schultz

Erik Schultz

Ethan Schultz

Evan Schultz

Jawon Taylor

Jay Halvorsen

Mike Filkins

Mike Gjelsten

Mike Pinkerton

Remy Coup

Spencer Morris

Tim Carlson

Will Carlson

Zach Schneider

Zach Williamson

The Actors of Insane LLama

Savage – Preview Stills

It’s been a while since our last post, but in this past month Insane LLama has been hard at work at our next big short film. I’m proud to announce Insane LLama’s newest short film: “Savage”.

This past weekend all of us here at the LLama went out and shot this movie in two days. The shoot was amazing and we are extremely proud of how everything is looking since we started to edit this piece this week. We are very eager to get this movie out to to you the audience; but we will do everything we can during this post-production period to make this the best short film it can be.

We are going to be sparse on plot details in this post; just know this is a period piece that follows an Englishmen, Spaniard, and black slave. The cast of the short did an amazing job and we would like to thank especially Zach Williamson and Brandon Somerville for coming out and putting everything they have into their roles.

Stay tuned to the blog in the upcoming weeks to see more details of this project and hopefully a release date in the future.

As always we have some stills from the movie to show everyone. Enjoy!









Savage – Preview Stills

10 Years of LLama – Mike Filkins

10 Years - Mike Filkins

We’re back with the next installment of Insane LLama’s 10 Years of LLama. A series where we look back and celebrate the people that have helped us these past 10 years since our formation.

This time the history of the legendary Mike Filkins is examined and explored. Who was Mike Filkins? What was Mike Filkins? Is Mike Filkins Mike Filkins? What happened to ‘The Rise and Fall of Mike Filkins’? None of those will be answered, but we will give Mike’s history acting with us at Insane LLama. From the beginning…

Mike Filkins ‘Filkins’

YEARS ACTIVE: 2008 / 2010 – 2012 / 2014

MEMORABLE ROLES: ‘The Briefcase’ / ‘Pizza Killer’ / ‘Bloody Coke 2’ / ‘Nerf Force’ / ‘Pac-Man’

Filkins 3

Mike Filkins met Insane LLama’s co-founder Eliot in the third grade and a friendship was formed. Filkins would eventually start coming over to our (Schultz’s) house; eventually like most friends who came over, he would find a way into our movies. I (Evan) can’t identify or remember Mike’s first time’s being filmed, he was most likely in some random early footage, but the first short film I can identify him acting in was a school project from the year 2008.

Filkins would be the lead anchor on the Intense News station, where he covers a story about some thiefs (which he also portrays) who steal a television. This short is the only edited and completed one with Mike Filkins in from 2008 and basically all of early Insane LLama.

Filkins 4

Filkins would return a few years later more grown up in the short ‘The Briefcase’. He would appear out of no where to tackle fellow actor Andy O’Brien and famously deliver his lines of “Get out of here, it’s a trap”. Filkins had an even more well-known sequence later in the short as he is carted in while tied up, eventually getting shot in the head by the antagonist played by Eliot. Andy would follow Mike’s death with an agonizing shout out of “No”, but to no avail.

Filkins 5

Filkins would make 3 more appearances the following year of 2011, two small and one more major/leading. The two minor gigs consisted of the shorts of ‘Nerf War’ where Mike would defend the enemy bunker and get lazily shot in the head, and the other ‘The Problem’, where Mike basically stands guard and again gets shot.

Mike’s more major and more memorable role of the year took place in the short film ‘Pizza Killer’. Playing opposite of the other Mike, Mike Gjelsten, Filkins again was part of a news station. He is the stations sports anchor that Mike G turns over to at one point to get the latest sports news which Filkins quickly replies back “I think someone is winning”.

Later eventually both Mike’s are captured by the pizza killer with only Filkins escaping and surviving. Yet Filkins also ends up getting killed in the end when a pizza cutter is thrown at his face. The role was Filkin’s largest with the most lines he had to deliver at the time, which he did an okay job at, opening up more possibilities for his future shorts.

Filkins 2

Filkins 6

With more opportunities, 2012 would be Filkin’s most active year with Insane LLama consisting of 6 short films. He would make a return to a NERF themed short as officer Casey, part of the Nerf force, opposite Tim Carlson’s officer Chad. The short film ‘Nerf Force’ followed Tim and Filkins on one of their patrols, akin to the show ‘Cops’. Filkins would be asked to improv dialogue about being part of the force while being heavily dress up in armor and Nerf gear. Nerf force would be one of Filkins better roles.

Filkins 7

Filkins later would portray a gardener mixed up with a hitman in the short ‘Two Hitmen’. Most of the film consisted of a montage of Filkins and Eliot doing all kind of random activities to earn a hit job from Mike Gjelsten. Some of Filkins finest moments were captured during these activities; examples include him singing, playing numerous games, and being caught reading ‘Twilight’.

Filkins 8

‘Pac-Man’ came out in the middle of the year which saw Filkins opposite Mike G again. They are friends who get caught up in a bizarre scenario involving Eliot and a Pac-man machine. Filkins would be asked to change into a silly onesie and witness the opening of the portal where Tim Carlson appears almost naked playing a guitar.

Filkin’s most memorable role of the year would have to go to his portrayal of a suburban white kid buying drugs off of Jawon Taylor in the highly anticipated sequel of the Bloody Coke series: ‘Bloody Coke 2’. Mike’s character take’s some of the drugs which looks like cocaine. Mike had to portray his character being under the influence of the drugs, which from the performance, we’re unsure which drug Mike was really trying to act off; but in turn a very comedic and memorable Filkins role was created.

Filkins 9

The last two shorts consisted of small roles for Filkins. ‘The Walk’ my first video for film school and ‘Cupcake’ another short for a film school class. Minor but he did exactly what was needed out of himself for the roles. Big thanks for helping out on my school work.

In 2014 Mike made only one appearance, which would be his last role with us. Mike saved some of his best for this one last role. Near the end of summer 2014 we played the hat game, a tool we use to help us think of movies to make. Basically everyone writes down ten movie titles on a piece of paper, which all then get mixed up in a hat and then drawn out one at a time. Brackets are made and the titles are voted down to a final five. These final five titles we use to think of a short film to film. Filkins always loved the early short of ours called ‘The Room’, so he wrote down ‘The Room 2’, which somehow made it to the final five.

The Room 2 was made and completed, which upon Eliot and I viewing was quickly discarded to never be seen again from how bad it was. Viewed now it has some entertainment, mainly in the dramatic and over the top performances, specifically Mike’s famous delivery of the story about being dropped into the lion pen at the zoo. It was a memorable performance to go out on for Filkins; but who knows maybe Mike Filkins will appear again in a future short.

Filkins 10

Now to the best part of these look backs, the video montage of some of Mike Filkins best and most memorable moments from over the years with Insane LLama. We liked how this one turned out. Enjoy!

Link To Video – 10 Years of LLama – Mike Filkins

To end the post, like we usually we do, here is some words from Mike Filkins himself. Big thanks to Filkins for taking some time out of his day to answer the following questions.


1) Who are you and what do you do?

I am The Mike Filkins. Right now I’m studying Biomedical Engineering at the University of Minnesota. In the future I’ll hopefully be working in industry doing stuff with brains.

2) How did you get involved with Insane Llama Productions?

In third grade Eliot was in my class. We started hanging out a lot at the Schultzs’ house and part of that is being in short films; it’s what we did for fun.

3) What was your first role or short you remember being involved in?

I was in a lot of very bad ones that were the product of late night brainstorming and filming that never got edited so those were the early ones I was in but I don’t know any of their names.

4) What is your most memorable on-set moment with Insane Llama?

I think all of Pac-man is my most memorable moment. That was a very weird night, an extremely strange film, and it still ended up being one of good ones.

5) Favorite Insane Llama short film?

I can’t choose only one. My favorites are “The Room” and “Frosting Beard”, generally any of the funny ones with Brad Delfeld are awesome.

6) Favorite Llama actor to work with?

The legendary Mike Gjelsten. When we were on-set he would always do something crazy that would make it into the films and it’s cool re-watching those films and knowing why we added certain scenes or filmed them the way we did.

7) Did you learn anything when working with Insane Llama?

Definitely, I learned a lot about creativity and working with other people to create their vision. It’s hard to come together, see a project the same way, and then try to actually go make it. I became better at improvising lines on the fly which has made my rapping and lying games much stronger. I also learned how to not laugh as much while filming. I’ve killed a lot of scenes that way.

8) Do you still keep up and follow Insane Llama?

Lately, I’ve been slacking. I used to watch everything as soon as Evan posted it and I’d be the first comment/like on Facebook.

9) How do you feel about Insane Llama turning 10 years old?

It’s awesome that Insane Llama is still going strong after 10 years. I’m happy that I was there for most of it and I love watching the videos and will continue doing so for a long time.

10) Where do you see Insane Llama in another 10 years?

I hope to be watching the films in theaters in sooner than 10 years, so in 10 years maybe Insane Llama will be on to winning awards. It’s be really cool if the actors in the films now like Eliot, Mike, and Zach make appearances on the big screen.

11) Share anything you want to tell the Insane Llama Audience?

If you’ve only started watching the new films in the last year or two go back and find some of the old stuff on YouTube and see how far Insane Llama has come.

Bonus) Worst actor in Insane Llama history is?

Andy O’Brien. He happens to be a theater major and is very good at acting but it really just speaks to how amazing all the other actors are and how much shit we like to give Andy.

Filkins 11

Here’s to Mike Filkins!

That’s it for this edition of 10 Years of LLama, stay tuned in, we still have a couple more people we’d like to celebrate in these upcoming weeks. Consider following the blog to get updated when a new edition comes out, we also got all kinds of other post that might keep you interested. Also think about subscribing to the Insane LLama Youtube channels for video content for you to enjoy.

Thanks, until next time.



10 Years of LLama – Mike Filkins

Savage – Casting Call

Savage Casting Call




WHEN: Sunday, May 8th 10:00am – 3:00pm

WHERE: Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, KS164 Audition Room A. 283 N Cypress St, Orange, CA 92866

SHOOT DATES: End of May or Early June. Exact dates will be set soon.

LOGLINE: In the late 17th century three men wash ashore upon a strange wilderness where a power struggle ensues from their differences. Unbeknownst to them, they are being watched.


1) Amadi – (20-35) A black slave who has been captive for most of his known life. He is calm, compassionate but unsure. He see’s the situation as an opportunity.

2) Juan Lopes De Rosa – (20-45) A loyal soldier of the Spanish empire. Frantic and entitled as he tries to establish dominance and control as the situation unfolds.
– Knows and speaks Spanish is a plus but not necessary.


This will be a great and exciting shoot where we plan to have a fun time; yet like our previous work the shoot will be intensive but relaxed. This is a great opportunity while also a chance to establish a lasting collaboration and friendship between Insane LLama Productions and you. Many of our previous actors are still in contact with us after wrap and many were casted in further projects.

We allow actors a lot of room to work with to play around with their character. Collaboration is key.


If interested in any of the characters respond with which character you want to go for and also your email address by either of the following:
– Reply Below
– Private Message me
– Email

I will respond as quickly as I can with your audition time/slot and the script will be attached.

Please notify me if you can’t attend your audition or need a different time. We really dislike no-shows which wastes our time.

Thanks and see you at the auditions!

Savage – Casting Call

10 Years of LLama – Zach Williamson

Zach 10 Years


YEARS ACTIVE: 2014 – 2016


Welcome to another edition of 10 Years of LLama; where we take a look back and celebrate the people who have helped Insane LLama Productions over the past 10 years since our formation.

This time we take a look back at the history of a more recent person in our history. This person is of course Zach Williamson, seen in countless shorts since 2014. Zach has become one of the most reliable actors we have ever worked with; contributing in many different ways and roles. If Eliot or I (Evan) ever feel like making a movie, we know Zach is always down too.


Zach is much different than any other face to grace our screen in the early years; he is actually an actor. The way Zach met Eliot and I is much different than anyone also since he was casted in a project before we even met him.

In November 2014 Insane LLama started working on much bigger projects; these more ambitious short films required real actors, not just friends we call over to act. I made a post on my film school’s Facebook group looking for any actors or actresses interested to act in short films for us. I ended up getting over 50 replies from all kinds of people, which Zach was one of them. Insane LLama was getting ready to film our short film ‘The Signal’, which needed a male actor to play across from Eliot. I scanned through the actors who had replied and narrowed in on Zach Williamson since he was one of the first to reply.

Messages were sent and Zach was down to be apart of our project. ‘The Signal’ would be the first of a long and ongoing collaboration between us that would see Zach become the most used actor besides Eliot in our history. Since 2014 Zach has been involved in over 30 short films ranging from all genres.


We had enjoyed working with Zach on The Signal, he was a chill cool guy, who happened to also be from the Chicago area where Insane LLama originated from. He actually went to the same high school as some of our family had gone to. Shortly after The Signal shoot, we wanted to shoot a random short film and had no actors; so I decided to hit up Zach to see if he was down to act. He quickly said he was down and the short film ‘Blackout’ was made.


At this shoot Zach told me about a project he was writing. It was a crime film about a guy getting mixed up with drugs. Zach was looking for people to help him make it. I told him to send me the script. ‘A Dealer’s Iniquity’ was made 3 weeks later, then our next collaboration ‘The Actor’s Cut’ made a little over a month after that. The latter being a grand achievement for us since we shot a 38 minute short film in a day.

Besides these bigger projects between us, Zach began to appear in our random short films pretty consistently. Throughout much of 2015 he would be seen in countless shorts with very few gaps between appearances. Some memorable roles include: ‘A Moment of Clarity’, ‘Bill’s Pills’, ‘Soap Snatcher’, and the double crime duo of ‘Arduous Decisions’ and ‘Surreal Indecisions’.


Zach would also take on a role in one of our big projects of the period in the first western Insane LLama has ever made. This western is of course ‘Deal With The Devil’, shot out in the desert of Death Valley. Zach took on the character of a man leading a convict played by Eliot across the desert. The role saw Zach use a heavy accent which he practiced a lot up to the shoot. He also grew out a thick beard which we are happy he did. The shoot is notorious for what happened between shooting even took place and Zach stuck with us until everything was wrapped, showing loyalty and dedication that small productions need from all involved.


As spring 2015 turned into summer, Eliot went back to Illinois and Zach became the main actor for a few months. This period saw Zach take the lead role in shorts such as: ‘Apperceptive Connections’, ‘Finite Filler’ and ‘Transfixion Signification’.

This period also saw another bigger project that Zach would write, star and heavily produce. This would be the biggest and most ambitious short Insane LLama would ever take on in ‘Nobody But Me’. The project grew in size over the course of production, we ran into some problems, but in the end everything worked out and we had Insane LLama’s first movie over one hour out. Nobody But Me was a lot of work, feedback has been mixed, but overall we are all proud of what we did for it.


Fall 2015 saw Zach take on a television minor at Chapman University, which came with enrolling in the Visual Storytelling class. This course I would say is the best class to take at my film school since all you do is just make 2-5 minute short film projects. We helped Zach make: ‘Anger’, ‘Rise’, ‘Callings’ and ‘Rounds’. Zach’s classmates loved the final projects and it was a great experience all around.

Zach would also be seen in regular shorts in this period including: ‘Desistance’, ‘Obliging Necessity’, ‘Waiting’, ‘A Plan’ and ‘Medical Card’.

One of Zach’s pet projects he has been working on for a long time is a boxing flick; which in preparation saw us produce ‘Rounds’ mentioned in the visual storytelling projects, but also saw another boxing short made in tune of ‘One Title’.

e zach 8

Early 2016 saw Zach appear in short films such as: ‘Electro TigerClaw Dude’, ‘Pressure Sell’ and ‘Toilet Robbery’. All three roles saw Zach take on totally different characters which he did to his best of abilities.

We reach the present where Zach will continue to appear in short films. Zach has also took on his biggest challenge and role yet in a project that is still in progress called ‘Gone Hollywood’. Zach wrote the script but is also starring and more importantly is directing it. Be on the lookout for news on ‘Gone Hollywood’ in the future. Here’s a quick preview still to wet everyone’s appetites.


Zach has put in a lot for Insane LLama in only two years and we’re happy he did. The collaboration between us will continue for now. We end this history of Zach with a montage of some of his best moments. Enjoy!

Link To Video – Zach Williamson

Now for Zach’s LLama Profile which we are grateful he took some time to answer for us.


1) Who are you and what do you do?
I’m Zach Williamson, I’ve done acting roles and 3 scripts for Insane Llama’s projects.

2) How did you get involved with Insane LLama Productions?
I was approached by Evan(Schultz) to be apart of his first short film “The Signal”. I
commented to his Chapman Film Casting Call for actors and basically it all went from

3) What is your most memorable onset moment with Insane Llama?
I would say my most memorable on set moment was filming “Deal With the Devil” in
Death Valley, and having to climb that tall sand dune with Eliot for the initial takes. That
was an intense climb, it felt like I was on MTV’s The Challenge instead of “Deal With the

4) Favorite Insane Llama short film?
This is completely bias, but my favorite short film was the collaboration with my script
“One Title”(
about Trevor Rollins, a conceited boxer, running from the advice given by his
Trainer). There was a feature written for that story, for about 3 months, so I felt like I got
to talk with Evan & Eliot a lot more about the history of the characters and the objectives.
It was only a 3 day notice, but once we arrived on set, Eliot(playing the Head Trainer) and
myself(playing the boxer) were able to understand thoroughly what we wanted to show on
screen because of all the reviews, discussions, and analyzing we went through with these

5) Favorite Llama actor to work with?
I would say Eliot. It’s because hes very relevant with his improv and also helps me get
involved more with a character.

6) Did you learn anything when working with Insane Llama?
I’ve learned you can’t just parachute to the top of the mountain. Filmmkaing takes time
and obstacles will be inevitable to achieve results of high expectations.

7) Do you still keep up and follow Insane Llama?
Absolutely, I will always be open to work as an actor with Insane Llama and I’ve always
appreciated the opportunities presented.

8) How do you feel about Insane Llama turning 10 years old?
Keep it going, fellas.

9) Where do you see Insane Llama in another 10 years?
Whatever happens, I know Insane Llama will keep sharing creative content that they feel
to explore.

10) Share anything you want to tell the Insane Llama Audience?
Thank you to all Insane Llama Audiences for the support and time you all generously have
put aside to watch some of the work that’s been developed. My creative development
company A Shot Away Productions is excited to collaborate with Insane Llama on our
upcoming project, currently in production, “Gone Hollywood”.

Bonus) Which Insane Llama short you’ve worked on did you least want to show other people?
I would say there are a lot, that I acted in, that I wouldn’t show to other people. Let me be
clear, I love working with Insane Llama. But there is a lot of work that I acted in and
written that I’m not proud, because of my past lack of preparation, mindfullness, and
naturality. Seeing those past mistakes is very frustrating and cringing, but it’s very
beneficial because it’s influenced me to fix layers of my acting style, one step at a time.
Which has helped me perform more genuine and land other roles outside Insane Llama.


Here’s to Zach Williamson! Consider subscribing to the Insane LLama Youtube channels for future content for you to enjoy. Maybe follow the blog. Until next time. Peace.


10 Years of LLama – Zach Williamson

10 Years of LLama – Tim Carlson

Tim LLama Profile

Old Reliable Timothy, The Timster, T-Masta Carlson, all names we never called the next person featured on our 10 Years of LLama series of post. Tim Carlson is the name as you can see in the big picture above; we look back at his history with the llama today.


YEARS ACTIVE: 2006-2008 / 2011-2012



Tim came in our lives pretty early on when Eliot’s and my family moved into Gurnee, Iliinois. He quickly became one of our families most loyal friends with his humor, knowledge, and simply just being Tim. Like many of the people in Insane LLama’s early years, Tim was just a friend of ours who eventually somehow ended up acting in a short. Tim appeared as an extra in two of Insane LLama’s earliest complete short films in ‘Bar Fight’ and ‘Zombies’.

Into 2007 Tim continued to make minor appearances in a vast array of shorts such as: ‘Andy’s Travel Guide’, ‘SWAT’, ‘The Killer’, ‘Torture’ and ‘The Beast’. Really the only noteworthy event to come out of this period was when Timothy caused our friend Andy to lose some points on his Spanish school project of ‘Andy’s Travel Guide’ when he swore in Spanish in one scene.


2008 would come and we would see Tim take on a bigger role in such films as: ‘007’, ‘Bar Robbery’, ‘The Pond’ and ‘Bloodbath’. The latter two I would say are Tim’s two biggest roles from the early years. ‘The Pond’ would see us utilize Tim as a driver of a vehicle since he is about 2 years older than Eliot and I. This would be one of the first driving sequences Insane LLama would ever do. ‘BloodBath’ would see Tim produce one of the best death scenes we have ever done; one of the goriest included. In one shot we had Tim get hit in the face by a mallet; during which we told Tim we were just going to pour a little fake blood on his face. I ended up pouring about half of the bottle of blood onto his cheek.

Look, you can see my hand with the bottle in the shot.


Bloodbath would come out in December 2008; which was the last time that rendition of Tim Carlson would ever be seen on the Insane LLama screen.

Tim wouldn’t be seen in one of our shorts for nearly 3 years.

He did make an appearance in a Schultz produced short with Burnt Brownie Productions ‘Candy Man’. Linked Here – Candy Man

Somehow that video has gathered 145,000 views and is one of the top searches when you search the candy man myth on Youtube.


Tim would reappear in 2011, much more grown up, in bigger roles such as: ‘Apocalypse Film’, ‘Midnight Murder’ and ‘The Problem’. His role in Apocalypse Film earned him much respect among his fellow cast of the film. It has been said that the film’s antagonist played by Spencer Morris took a backseat to Tim Carlson’s minor side character.

The following year of 2012 was perhaps Tim’s biggest year in terms of onscreen time. He was willing to take on bigger roles which everything would always be improvised once we start shooting.

Tim became part of the elite Nerf Force patrolling the neighborhood with his partner Mike Filkins in the movie ‘Nerf Force’. Later Tim would be seen strumming a guitar almost naked as he is finally given freedom when Eliot, Filkins and Mike G opened the sacred Pac-Man machine in ‘Pac-Man’. Tim had a very memorable death later in the year when he gets his head shotgun blasted off then the rest of his body gets riddled with machine gun fire in the noteworthy short of ‘Cupcakes’.


Tim’s biggest role was in ‘Would You Like A Pickle With That’ or simply Pickles. The short consisted of long improvised takes with Tim and Eliot talking about the Olympics and eventually eating some pickles that causes both of them to trip out.

By the end of his acting time with Insane LLama, Tim was a decent actor, as seen by his later roles where he was able to keep up with Eliot.

To end the history of Tim here’s a reel of some of his best. Enjoy!

Big thanks to Tim for answering the questions we sent him. Here they are.


1) Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Tim Carlson and I am a snowboard instructor/guide in Park City UT.

2) How did you get involved with Insane LLama Productions?

I grew up with them and we would make films for fun all the time.

3) What was your first role or short you remember being involved in?

I remember being in the Alamo for a school project.

4) What is your most memorable on-set moment with Insane Llama?

My most memorable on-set moment was filming the pickle short just because it was hilarious and pretty much all improv.

5) Favorite Insane Llama short film?

My favorite is the pickle one or candy man just because it has a bunch of views.

6) Favorite Llama actor to work with?

Eliot, he’s a great actor. If he keeps it up I can see him and his brother Evan going places.

7) Did you learn anything when working with Insane Llama?

I learned a lot about filming and editing from Evan. At first I didn’t realize how much time, effort and skill goes into making a film.

8) Do you still keep up and follow Insane Llama?

Yeah a little bit. I usually watch their videos when I’m dropping the kids off at the pool.

9) How do you feel about Insane Llama turning 10 years old?

It’s crazy to think that it’s been 10 years already! It’s cool to go back and watch all of our old videos when we were kids. It’s great reliving those memories.

10) Where do you see Insane Llama in another 10 years?

I can see them doing well for themselves if they keep working hard and keep making great videos. All it takes is the right person to stumble across them and that’ll open so many doors for these guys!

11) Share anything you want to tell the Insane Llama Audience?

These guys are awesome! It’s been amazing to watch them grow and progress over the past 10 years. I’m super excited for them and I know they’ll do great things for the film industry!

Bonus) Worst actor in Insane Llama history is?

Probably me haha I was never that great at acting. If you can’t nominate yourself I’d have to go with Erik, he didn’t care to much about acting when we were kids.


Here’s to Tim Carlson!

We’re getting closer to the 10 year anniversary so be on the lookout for more stuff like this, we enjoy celebrating these people since they have helped us out so much, so we will continue with this series in the upcoming weeks. Who do we have planned next? Who knows… Probably whoever answers the questions first.

10 Years of LLama – Tim Carlson