The Photoshoot – Short Film


It’s been awhile but Insane LLama actually has a new short film! ‘The Photoshoot’.

Post took much longer on this than expected with some complicated errors popping up; but it finally worked and it’s here for everyone to see.

Mike goes to Eliot for some acting head shots and the experience isn’t what he was expecting.

Featuring: Eliot Schultz and Mike Pinkerton.

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Link To Video – The Photoshoot

The Photoshoot – Short Film

Medical Card – Short Film

Medical Card

Here’s a new short from Insane LLama. Simply titled “Medical Card”.

Two college friends living in Southern California go out to hopefully get their medical marijuana cards; which they expect will be an easy task.

Featuring our very own Eliot Schultz and Zach Williamson.

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Link to Video – Medical Card

Medical Card – Short Film