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Wow… Yes you see that right, it’s actually a new ‘Throwback Thursday’ post. I (Evan) became extremely busy these past few months with school to the production of our latest big short film ‘Savage’ which kept me from doing our weekly post like throwback.

Well here we are in August, there’s no films to be shot, no classes to focus on, no clients with videos to be made. So it’s ample time to post a new Throwback Thursday!

When we left off in April with the last throwback we were looking back at 2007 when Insane LLama really took making movies more seriously. To be more precise we looked back at the two short films that basically started us with the Facility duo. Continuing after that we started to make short films on a more regular basis, especially once school got out in the summer of 2007 and we had way to much time on our hands. There were a couple other short films made during this time, but they were nothing special so I guess I’ll save those for another throwback post once we scrape everything out of the barrel on our history.

In this post we go to late summer 2007 when a Hollywood film starring Matt Damon came out. This movie of course is the kickass action flick ‘Bourne Ultimatum’, the last release of the Bourne trilogy before the whole Jeremy Renner ‘Legacy’ and now return of Damon in the unoriginal named ‘Jason Bourne’.

The Bourne series was a favorite of all my brothers, father and myself; with us seeing the first two installments in theaters when released. The third segment was no different with all of us pretty eager to see how everything ended in the series. We went and saw the film the weekend it came out. The movie easily met our expectations and you can say may even exceeded them. Young Eliot and I were easily inspired by the feel of the movie, from the shaky camera to the blue color correction (Both later incorporated into our own movies). Though there was one aspect that inspired us the most: the fight scenes. The hand to hand combat in the movie was just completely badass and invigorating. It was like nothing we had seen from Hollywood action films before, the intensity, the brutal feel, and the sound design.

We were definitely inspired… Which brings us to.

Takedown 1

Takedown. The very next day after seeing the third Bourne, Eliot, my older brother Ethan, and I decided to do our best to emulate the style of the movie. We were basically going to make a fight scene.

What ensued was our most ambitious film yet with hand to hand combat between Eliot and myself. We also tried some stunts which included one where I throw Eliot across a table knocking down some cleverly placed empty bottles and containers.

Takedown 3

We tried our best to make the fight as realistic as it could be, which watching now may seem a little off with punches seeming weak and not hitting their target. Us being young didn’t know the tricks we know now to make everything seem better. Which includes speeding up footage and the most use tricked in fights which is to cut away a few frames between the punch being thrown and hitting its target.

During the end sequence in the bathroom we decided to go all out, which during the melee I hit Eliot’s head on the toilet hard by accident. He played it off and continued, with Eliot’s character eventually being defeated by me. I kill him off by slamming a door against his head multiply times. This part made our close friend Zach Schnieder laugh his off literally every time he viewed it, even to this present day.

Takedown 2

For how young we were and inexperienced the short came out pretty damn good. The film did pretty successful on our Youtube channel when it was released. It became one of our most viewed shorts and gained us quite a few subscribers by our standards.

Like many of our early films it was taken off the main Insane LLama channel when we purged all of the shorts that had aged and contained younger us.

Don’t worry though it has been re-uploaded on Insane LLama Young, Old and Shitty for everyone to view its glory. Watch it and be entertained by some kids kicking the shit out of each other. Here’s the link with it also being embed here. Enjoy!

Link To Video – Takedown

Well I hope you enjoyed this look back at Takedown and early Insane LLama history. I’ll hopefully be back next week with another throwback. I also hope to do a better job giving insight into the short, this week I’m strapped for time and need to pack for a trip to Minnesota since we’re leaving very soon.

Thanks and continue doing what you do!

Throwback Thursday – Takedown

10 Years of LLama – Tim Carlson

Tim LLama Profile

Old Reliable Timothy, The Timster, T-Masta Carlson, all names we never called the next person featured on our 10 Years of LLama series of post. Tim Carlson is the name as you can see in the big picture above; we look back at his history with the llama today.


YEARS ACTIVE: 2006-2008 / 2011-2012



Tim came in our lives pretty early on when Eliot’s and my family moved into Gurnee, Iliinois. He quickly became one of our families most loyal friends with his humor, knowledge, and simply just being Tim. Like many of the people in Insane LLama’s early years, Tim was just a friend of ours who eventually somehow ended up acting in a short. Tim appeared as an extra in two of Insane LLama’s earliest complete short films in ‘Bar Fight’ and ‘Zombies’.

Into 2007 Tim continued to make minor appearances in a vast array of shorts such as: ‘Andy’s Travel Guide’, ‘SWAT’, ‘The Killer’, ‘Torture’ and ‘The Beast’. Really the only noteworthy event to come out of this period was when Timothy caused our friend Andy to lose some points on his Spanish school project of ‘Andy’s Travel Guide’ when he swore in Spanish in one scene.


2008 would come and we would see Tim take on a bigger role in such films as: ‘007’, ‘Bar Robbery’, ‘The Pond’ and ‘Bloodbath’. The latter two I would say are Tim’s two biggest roles from the early years. ‘The Pond’ would see us utilize Tim as a driver of a vehicle since he is about 2 years older than Eliot and I. This would be one of the first driving sequences Insane LLama would ever do. ‘BloodBath’ would see Tim produce one of the best death scenes we have ever done; one of the goriest included. In one shot we had Tim get hit in the face by a mallet; during which we told Tim we were just going to pour a little fake blood on his face. I ended up pouring about half of the bottle of blood onto his cheek.

Look, you can see my hand with the bottle in the shot.


Bloodbath would come out in December 2008; which was the last time that rendition of Tim Carlson would ever be seen on the Insane LLama screen.

Tim wouldn’t be seen in one of our shorts for nearly 3 years.

He did make an appearance in a Schultz produced short with Burnt Brownie Productions ‘Candy Man’. Linked Here – Candy Man

Somehow that video has gathered 145,000 views and is one of the top searches when you search the candy man myth on Youtube.


Tim would reappear in 2011, much more grown up, in bigger roles such as: ‘Apocalypse Film’, ‘Midnight Murder’ and ‘The Problem’. His role in Apocalypse Film earned him much respect among his fellow cast of the film. It has been said that the film’s antagonist played by Spencer Morris took a backseat to Tim Carlson’s minor side character.

The following year of 2012 was perhaps Tim’s biggest year in terms of onscreen time. He was willing to take on bigger roles which everything would always be improvised once we start shooting.

Tim became part of the elite Nerf Force patrolling the neighborhood with his partner Mike Filkins in the movie ‘Nerf Force’. Later Tim would be seen strumming a guitar almost naked as he is finally given freedom when Eliot, Filkins and Mike G opened the sacred Pac-Man machine in ‘Pac-Man’. Tim had a very memorable death later in the year when he gets his head shotgun blasted off then the rest of his body gets riddled with machine gun fire in the noteworthy short of ‘Cupcakes’.


Tim’s biggest role was in ‘Would You Like A Pickle With That’ or simply Pickles. The short consisted of long improvised takes with Tim and Eliot talking about the Olympics and eventually eating some pickles that causes both of them to trip out.

By the end of his acting time with Insane LLama, Tim was a decent actor, as seen by his later roles where he was able to keep up with Eliot.

To end the history of Tim here’s a reel of some of his best. Enjoy!

Big thanks to Tim for answering the questions we sent him. Here they are.


1) Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Tim Carlson and I am a snowboard instructor/guide in Park City UT.

2) How did you get involved with Insane LLama Productions?

I grew up with them and we would make films for fun all the time.

3) What was your first role or short you remember being involved in?

I remember being in the Alamo for a school project.

4) What is your most memorable on-set moment with Insane Llama?

My most memorable on-set moment was filming the pickle short just because it was hilarious and pretty much all improv.

5) Favorite Insane Llama short film?

My favorite is the pickle one or candy man just because it has a bunch of views.

6) Favorite Llama actor to work with?

Eliot, he’s a great actor. If he keeps it up I can see him and his brother Evan going places.

7) Did you learn anything when working with Insane Llama?

I learned a lot about filming and editing from Evan. At first I didn’t realize how much time, effort and skill goes into making a film.

8) Do you still keep up and follow Insane Llama?

Yeah a little bit. I usually watch their videos when I’m dropping the kids off at the pool.

9) How do you feel about Insane Llama turning 10 years old?

It’s crazy to think that it’s been 10 years already! It’s cool to go back and watch all of our old videos when we were kids. It’s great reliving those memories.

10) Where do you see Insane Llama in another 10 years?

I can see them doing well for themselves if they keep working hard and keep making great videos. All it takes is the right person to stumble across them and that’ll open so many doors for these guys!

11) Share anything you want to tell the Insane Llama Audience?

These guys are awesome! It’s been amazing to watch them grow and progress over the past 10 years. I’m super excited for them and I know they’ll do great things for the film industry!

Bonus) Worst actor in Insane Llama history is?

Probably me haha I was never that great at acting. If you can’t nominate yourself I’d have to go with Erik, he didn’t care to much about acting when we were kids.


Here’s to Tim Carlson!

We’re getting closer to the 10 year anniversary so be on the lookout for more stuff like this, we enjoy celebrating these people since they have helped us out so much, so we will continue with this series in the upcoming weeks. Who do we have planned next? Who knows… Probably whoever answers the questions first.

10 Years of LLama – Tim Carlson