The Big Shorts Movie Posters!

I’ve been busy this past week making movie posters for all of Insane LLama’s big short films. These are the planned scripted short films we make that take months of preparation with pre-production, etc.

Starting with ‘Black Dream’ earlier this year I started to make movie posters for our short films, especially since I found out our own Mike Pinkerton has printing rights to our schools industrial printer. There’s something cool about seeing a movie poster for your own film hanging on your wall. It inspires you to make the next one even bigger and better.

Anyway, here’s all 8 of the posters in order from when the short was released. Enjoy!

The Signal Poster

A Dealer's Iniquity Poster

Junkie Poster

The Actor's Cut Poster

Deal With The Devil Poster

Nobody But Me Poster

Black Dream Official Poster

Savage Poster Final

The Big Shorts Movie Posters!

Savage – Preview Stills

It’s been a while since our last post, but in this past month Insane LLama has been hard at work at our next big short film. I’m proud to announce Insane LLama’s newest short film: “Savage”.

This past weekend all of us here at the LLama went out and shot this movie in two days. The shoot was amazing and we are extremely proud of how everything is looking since we started to edit this piece this week. We are very eager to get this movie out to to you the audience; but we will do everything we can during this post-production period to make this the best short film it can be.

We are going to be sparse on plot details in this post; just know this is a period piece that follows an Englishmen, Spaniard, and black slave. The cast of the short did an amazing job and we would like to thank especially Zach Williamson and Brandon Somerville for coming out and putting everything they have into their roles.

Stay tuned to the blog in the upcoming weeks to see more details of this project and hopefully a release date in the future.

As always we have some stills from the movie to show everyone. Enjoy!









Savage – Preview Stills

A Self Proclaimed Introduction

Hello, I’m Eliot Schultz. You may know me from seeing the short films from Insane LLama, unless you have not seen any of them. In that case, oh well, you win some, you lose some. I was once told to start a conversation you need a good icebreaker, in this case that will be my favorite color, I suppose. My favorite color being blue most likely. I say most likely because people change often and can be quite annoying in that fact. Why can’t some people just calm the fuck down and say “hey my favorite color is maroon”?

Anyways, I act and write, and for whatever reason I fucking love it. You may know me from my ever changing facial hair, my inability to decide, or my sometimes frantic roles. However you know me, it is evident there are not many of you. And so, I am declaring that I shall keep up with this very blog from now on. Possibly with two posts per week. One will be a movie review of my choosing, and you will have to accept whatever film that may be. If by chance there is ever multiple posts in a week, expect them to be about recent shoots or maybe even material I’m currently working on.

Good night. Good luck. It is the afternoon.

Black Preview 8

A Self Proclaimed Introduction

Black Dream – Trailer

Black Dream Preview

We’ve never done this before, but with the longer post-production time planned for our latest big project “Black Dream”, I actually had time to put together a preview/promo or trailer for everyone to watch and get excited.

Two brothers endlessly search the California desert hills of the late 1800’s for oil; as one brother struggles to keep up the search, the other goes on at no cost.

Featuring Eliot Schultz and Duncan Kinzie, with help from Mike Pinkerton and Zach Williamson as crew.

Release date information will be out soon when we get more details, be on the watch. Enjoy!

Link to Trailer – Black Dream Preview

Black Dream – Trailer

Black Dream – Preview

BD Promo Poster

Insane LLama Productions is proud to announce our latest project, titled “Black Dream”.

Two brothers go searching in the California desert of the late 1800’s for oil, hoping to make their fortune; one brother struggles with finding hope in the search, while the other goes on at no cost.

We head out to the desert this weekend to shoot this ambitious project, a lot is planned. Keep on the lookout in February for the release of this short film. Next week we will pictures from the shoot posted, stay tuned.

We’re excited for this shoot but more importantly eager to get the best product out to viewers. Enjoy!

Black Dream – Preview