Latest Behind The Scenes Round-Up – July 2016

Behind The Scenes

Insane LLama has been busy working on our short film ‘Savage’ these past few months. We have here our latest batch of behind the scenes photos and videos.

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Link To Instagram – Da LLama Gram

Here’s the latest round-up. Enjoy!


Big Thanks to our own Mike Pinkerton for taking most of these photos. We hope you enjoyed this latest batch of behind the scenes photos/videos. We’re hoping for future projects to have more in depth and expanded behind the scenes coverage so everyone can get a true grasp of our productions and the amount of work we put to make these stories come to life. Thanks and see you next time!

Latest Behind The Scenes Round-Up – July 2016

Insane LLama – Latest Behind The Scenes Round-up! – March 2016

Behind The Scenes

Here’s Insane LLama’s latest batch of behind the scenes pictures. If you haven’t followed our official Instagram page yet, here’s a link so you can do that.

Link To Insane LLama Instagram – Da LLama Gram

Another great person I would recommend to follow on Instagram would be our very own Mike Pinkerton. He is usually the first person to post pictures from our shoots; which you may notice a lot of the Insane LLama instagram photos come from him, I repeat some and not all, so it would be beneficial if you want the full LLama experience to follow his account.

Link To Mike Pinkerton’s Instagram – Pinkerton’s Instagram

Anyway here’s what you expected from this post, all of the latest behind the scenes photos and even a couple videos!

Evan shares his thoughts about a recent shoot of Gone Hollywood.

Actress T’Lana Balue in front of the green screen for a news report scene.

Actors Duncan Kinzie and Eliot Schultz apply dirt make up before a Black Dream scene.

Evan tests some low bass on his surround system before the Black Dream release.

Evan applies Sony Vegas editing shortcut stickers to his keyboard.

Evan Schultz – “I am the behind the scenes”.

Eliot talks about Mike’s cameos in Gone Hollywood.

Last shot of the Day!

Black Dream timeline view in Sony Vegas.

Black Dream DVD/Blu-Ray main menu!

All of Insane LLama’s cameras used throughout the years.

Latest shoot of Gone Hollywood!


That’s all we have at the moment; we’re planning to actually start taking better and more in depth behind the scenes photos in the future, so be prepared. Follow the two Instagram accounts linked at the top of the post to stay in the loop with Insane LLama. Thanks and be on the watch for future post on the Insane LLama Productions official blog!

Insane LLama – Latest Behind The Scenes Round-up! – March 2016

Links on Links – Insane LLama Social Media Round up

LLama logo Red

Insane LLama has stepped up its game in the social media realm these past two weeks. We have set up accounts on most of the major sites or applications. In this post I’ll be giving all the information and links needed to follow the LLama and be in the loop. Here we go!

Insane LLama official website – ILP Website

Insane LLama Serious Youtube Channel – Insane LLama Serious

Insane LLama Comedy Youtube Channel – Insane LLama Comedy

Insane LLama Young, Old and Shitty – Insane LLama Shit

Ambient Inflection Audio / Visual Experience – Ambient Inflection

Ambient Inflection Soundcloud – Da Soundcloud

Insane LLama official Facebook – LLama Facebook

Insane LLama Instagram – Insane_LLama_Productions

Insane LLama Twitter – The Twitter Thing

Insane LLama Flickr – Holy shit a Flickr

Insane LLama Google + – Who da fuck uses this?





Links on Links – Insane LLama Social Media Round up

Instagram! Some Announcement! What! Latest Behind the Scenes Photos!

Behind The Scenes

Insane LLama has been hard at work on two bigger short films this past month. Black Dream everyone should know about now with the release of it’s trailer on the Insane LLama Youtube channel (Check it out if you haven’t seen it), but we have also been working on another in collaboration with A Shot Away Productions, we would like to announce “Gone Hollywood, longtime LLama Actor Zach Williamson’s directing debut. We will have more on this project in the near future as we wrap up shooting in these upcoming weeks.

We would also like to announce that Insane LLama Productions has opened up an official Instagram page that will showcase a ton of behind the scenes pictures of our shoots.

Here’s the link to our page, give it a follow and be entertained by our photos that may or may not be staged for effect sometimes.

Link To Instagram –

For you people who don’t do all the social media stuff, I will post the best photos we happen to get onto this blog every once in awhile. Unfortunately sometimes when I do have to embed the pictures from Instagram, they will have all the Instagram nonsense information and captions around them. To avoid this we are going to try to have a spare camera on our sets to take better quality photos; problem with this since we usually run with small run and gun crews, there is no one to take the photos when there is actual filming taking place. We’re also cheap as fuck so we are not going to hire an official Set/Shoot photographer like those many student sets do nowadays.

Well anyway here’s the actual interesting part of the post with the latest batch of behind the scenes pictures from the last couple shoots. Oh there’s videos too if you’re into that motion kind of stuff.

Zach and Evan not doing any actual film work.

5:00am Call time sucks.

Mike’s Sexy Pole.

Day 1 First Scene of Gone Hollywood. The return of Donnie B.

Evan in his sexy new film vest

Sexy Vest from the back.

Wrap on the latest Shoot of Gone Hollywood.

Hey look Black Dream pictures now!

Mike Selfie on top of rock formation as he gets wind tone.

Break during the golden hour before we set up for our night shoot.

Lastly we end with might possibly be the sexiest shot of the bunch besides of course that handsome vest.

That’s all folks, remember to give us a follow on the new Instagram, or not, not like it matters or anything, might be cool if we remember to add stuff and not forget the password like some previous accounts.


Instagram! Some Announcement! What! Latest Behind the Scenes Photos!