Throwback Thursday – Takedown

Throwback Thursday Official

Wow… Yes you see that right, it’s actually a new ‘Throwback Thursday’ post. I (Evan) became extremely busy these past few months with school to the production of our latest big short film ‘Savage’ which kept me from doing our weekly post like throwback.

Well here we are in August, there’s no films to be shot, no classes to focus on, no clients with videos to be made. So it’s ample time to post a new Throwback Thursday!

When we left off in April with the last throwback we were looking back at 2007 when Insane LLama really took making movies more seriously. To be more precise we looked back at the two short films that basically started us with the Facility duo. Continuing after that we started to make short films on a more regular basis, especially once school got out in the summer of 2007 and we had way to much time on our hands. There were a couple other short films made during this time, but they were nothing special so I guess I’ll save those for another throwback post once we scrape everything out of the barrel on our history.

In this post we go to late summer 2007 when a Hollywood film starring Matt Damon came out. This movie of course is the kickass action flick ‘Bourne Ultimatum’, the last release of the Bourne trilogy before the whole Jeremy Renner ‘Legacy’ and now return of Damon in the unoriginal named ‘Jason Bourne’.

The Bourne series was a favorite of all my brothers, father and myself; with us seeing the first two installments in theaters when released. The third segment was no different with all of us pretty eager to see how everything ended in the series. We went and saw the film the weekend it came out. The movie easily met our expectations and you can say may even exceeded them. Young Eliot and I were easily inspired by the feel of the movie, from the shaky camera to the blue color correction (Both later incorporated into our own movies). Though there was one aspect that inspired us the most: the fight scenes. The hand to hand combat in the movie was just completely badass and invigorating. It was like nothing we had seen from Hollywood action films before, the intensity, the brutal feel, and the sound design.

We were definitely inspired… Which brings us to.

Takedown 1

Takedown. The very next day after seeing the third Bourne, Eliot, my older brother Ethan, and I decided to do our best to emulate the style of the movie. We were basically going to make a fight scene.

What ensued was our most ambitious film yet with hand to hand combat between Eliot and myself. We also tried some stunts which included one where I throw Eliot across a table knocking down some cleverly placed empty bottles and containers.

Takedown 3

We tried our best to make the fight as realistic as it could be, which watching now may seem a little off with punches seeming weak and not hitting their target. Us being young didn’t know the tricks we know now to make everything seem better. Which includes speeding up footage and the most use tricked in fights which is to cut away a few frames between the punch being thrown and hitting its target.

During the end sequence in the bathroom we decided to go all out, which during the melee I hit Eliot’s head on the toilet hard by accident. He played it off and continued, with Eliot’s character eventually being defeated by me. I kill him off by slamming a door against his head multiply times. This part made our close friend Zach Schnieder laugh his off literally every time he viewed it, even to this present day.

Takedown 2

For how young we were and inexperienced the short came out pretty damn good. The film did pretty successful on our Youtube channel when it was released. It became one of our most viewed shorts and gained us quite a few subscribers by our standards.

Like many of our early films it was taken off the main Insane LLama channel when we purged all of the shorts that had aged and contained younger us.

Don’t worry though it has been re-uploaded on Insane LLama Young, Old and Shitty for everyone to view its glory. Watch it and be entertained by some kids kicking the shit out of each other. Here’s the link with it also being embed here. Enjoy!

Link To Video – Takedown

Well I hope you enjoyed this look back at Takedown and early Insane LLama history. I’ll hopefully be back next week with another throwback. I also hope to do a better job giving insight into the short, this week I’m strapped for time and need to pack for a trip to Minnesota since we’re leaving very soon.

Thanks and continue doing what you do!

Throwback Thursday – Takedown

10 Years of LLama – Mike Filkins

10 Years - Mike Filkins

We’re back with the next installment of Insane LLama’s 10 Years of LLama. A series where we look back and celebrate the people that have helped us these past 10 years since our formation.

This time the history of the legendary Mike Filkins is examined and explored. Who was Mike Filkins? What was Mike Filkins? Is Mike Filkins Mike Filkins? What happened to ‘The Rise and Fall of Mike Filkins’? None of those will be answered, but we will give Mike’s history acting with us at Insane LLama. From the beginning…

Mike Filkins ‘Filkins’

YEARS ACTIVE: 2008 / 2010 – 2012 / 2014

MEMORABLE ROLES: ‘The Briefcase’ / ‘Pizza Killer’ / ‘Bloody Coke 2’ / ‘Nerf Force’ / ‘Pac-Man’

Filkins 3

Mike Filkins met Insane LLama’s co-founder Eliot in the third grade and a friendship was formed. Filkins would eventually start coming over to our (Schultz’s) house; eventually like most friends who came over, he would find a way into our movies. I (Evan) can’t identify or remember Mike’s first time’s being filmed, he was most likely in some random early footage, but the first short film I can identify him acting in was a school project from the year 2008.

Filkins would be the lead anchor on the Intense News station, where he covers a story about some thiefs (which he also portrays) who steal a television. This short is the only edited and completed one with Mike Filkins in from 2008 and basically all of early Insane LLama.

Filkins 4

Filkins would return a few years later more grown up in the short ‘The Briefcase’. He would appear out of no where to tackle fellow actor Andy O’Brien and famously deliver his lines of “Get out of here, it’s a trap”. Filkins had an even more well-known sequence later in the short as he is carted in while tied up, eventually getting shot in the head by the antagonist played by Eliot. Andy would follow Mike’s death with an agonizing shout out of “No”, but to no avail.

Filkins 5

Filkins would make 3 more appearances the following year of 2011, two small and one more major/leading. The two minor gigs consisted of the shorts of ‘Nerf War’ where Mike would defend the enemy bunker and get lazily shot in the head, and the other ‘The Problem’, where Mike basically stands guard and again gets shot.

Mike’s more major and more memorable role of the year took place in the short film ‘Pizza Killer’. Playing opposite of the other Mike, Mike Gjelsten, Filkins again was part of a news station. He is the stations sports anchor that Mike G turns over to at one point to get the latest sports news which Filkins quickly replies back “I think someone is winning”.

Later eventually both Mike’s are captured by the pizza killer with only Filkins escaping and surviving. Yet Filkins also ends up getting killed in the end when a pizza cutter is thrown at his face. The role was Filkin’s largest with the most lines he had to deliver at the time, which he did an okay job at, opening up more possibilities for his future shorts.

Filkins 2

Filkins 6

With more opportunities, 2012 would be Filkin’s most active year with Insane LLama consisting of 6 short films. He would make a return to a NERF themed short as officer Casey, part of the Nerf force, opposite Tim Carlson’s officer Chad. The short film ‘Nerf Force’ followed Tim and Filkins on one of their patrols, akin to the show ‘Cops’. Filkins would be asked to improv dialogue about being part of the force while being heavily dress up in armor and Nerf gear. Nerf force would be one of Filkins better roles.

Filkins 7

Filkins later would portray a gardener mixed up with a hitman in the short ‘Two Hitmen’. Most of the film consisted of a montage of Filkins and Eliot doing all kind of random activities to earn a hit job from Mike Gjelsten. Some of Filkins finest moments were captured during these activities; examples include him singing, playing numerous games, and being caught reading ‘Twilight’.

Filkins 8

‘Pac-Man’ came out in the middle of the year which saw Filkins opposite Mike G again. They are friends who get caught up in a bizarre scenario involving Eliot and a Pac-man machine. Filkins would be asked to change into a silly onesie and witness the opening of the portal where Tim Carlson appears almost naked playing a guitar.

Filkin’s most memorable role of the year would have to go to his portrayal of a suburban white kid buying drugs off of Jawon Taylor in the highly anticipated sequel of the Bloody Coke series: ‘Bloody Coke 2’. Mike’s character take’s some of the drugs which looks like cocaine. Mike had to portray his character being under the influence of the drugs, which from the performance, we’re unsure which drug Mike was really trying to act off; but in turn a very comedic and memorable Filkins role was created.

Filkins 9

The last two shorts consisted of small roles for Filkins. ‘The Walk’ my first video for film school and ‘Cupcake’ another short for a film school class. Minor but he did exactly what was needed out of himself for the roles. Big thanks for helping out on my school work.

In 2014 Mike made only one appearance, which would be his last role with us. Mike saved some of his best for this one last role. Near the end of summer 2014 we played the hat game, a tool we use to help us think of movies to make. Basically everyone writes down ten movie titles on a piece of paper, which all then get mixed up in a hat and then drawn out one at a time. Brackets are made and the titles are voted down to a final five. These final five titles we use to think of a short film to film. Filkins always loved the early short of ours called ‘The Room’, so he wrote down ‘The Room 2’, which somehow made it to the final five.

The Room 2 was made and completed, which upon Eliot and I viewing was quickly discarded to never be seen again from how bad it was. Viewed now it has some entertainment, mainly in the dramatic and over the top performances, specifically Mike’s famous delivery of the story about being dropped into the lion pen at the zoo. It was a memorable performance to go out on for Filkins; but who knows maybe Mike Filkins will appear again in a future short.

Filkins 10

Now to the best part of these look backs, the video montage of some of Mike Filkins best and most memorable moments from over the years with Insane LLama. We liked how this one turned out. Enjoy!

Link To Video – 10 Years of LLama – Mike Filkins

To end the post, like we usually we do, here is some words from Mike Filkins himself. Big thanks to Filkins for taking some time out of his day to answer the following questions.


1) Who are you and what do you do?

I am The Mike Filkins. Right now I’m studying Biomedical Engineering at the University of Minnesota. In the future I’ll hopefully be working in industry doing stuff with brains.

2) How did you get involved with Insane Llama Productions?

In third grade Eliot was in my class. We started hanging out a lot at the Schultzs’ house and part of that is being in short films; it’s what we did for fun.

3) What was your first role or short you remember being involved in?

I was in a lot of very bad ones that were the product of late night brainstorming and filming that never got edited so those were the early ones I was in but I don’t know any of their names.

4) What is your most memorable on-set moment with Insane Llama?

I think all of Pac-man is my most memorable moment. That was a very weird night, an extremely strange film, and it still ended up being one of good ones.

5) Favorite Insane Llama short film?

I can’t choose only one. My favorites are “The Room” and “Frosting Beard”, generally any of the funny ones with Brad Delfeld are awesome.

6) Favorite Llama actor to work with?

The legendary Mike Gjelsten. When we were on-set he would always do something crazy that would make it into the films and it’s cool re-watching those films and knowing why we added certain scenes or filmed them the way we did.

7) Did you learn anything when working with Insane Llama?

Definitely, I learned a lot about creativity and working with other people to create their vision. It’s hard to come together, see a project the same way, and then try to actually go make it. I became better at improvising lines on the fly which has made my rapping and lying games much stronger. I also learned how to not laugh as much while filming. I’ve killed a lot of scenes that way.

8) Do you still keep up and follow Insane Llama?

Lately, I’ve been slacking. I used to watch everything as soon as Evan posted it and I’d be the first comment/like on Facebook.

9) How do you feel about Insane Llama turning 10 years old?

It’s awesome that Insane Llama is still going strong after 10 years. I’m happy that I was there for most of it and I love watching the videos and will continue doing so for a long time.

10) Where do you see Insane Llama in another 10 years?

I hope to be watching the films in theaters in sooner than 10 years, so in 10 years maybe Insane Llama will be on to winning awards. It’s be really cool if the actors in the films now like Eliot, Mike, and Zach make appearances on the big screen.

11) Share anything you want to tell the Insane Llama Audience?

If you’ve only started watching the new films in the last year or two go back and find some of the old stuff on YouTube and see how far Insane Llama has come.

Bonus) Worst actor in Insane Llama history is?

Andy O’Brien. He happens to be a theater major and is very good at acting but it really just speaks to how amazing all the other actors are and how much shit we like to give Andy.

Filkins 11

Here’s to Mike Filkins!

That’s it for this edition of 10 Years of LLama, stay tuned in, we still have a couple more people we’d like to celebrate in these upcoming weeks. Consider following the blog to get updated when a new edition comes out, we also got all kinds of other post that might keep you interested. Also think about subscribing to the Insane LLama Youtube channels for video content for you to enjoy.

Thanks, until next time.



10 Years of LLama – Mike Filkins

Throwback Thursday – Facility Duo

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday is back after a small hiatus! This time we go back to spring 2007 to look at a series called Facility. The shorts that started an era for us!


April 2007 saw Insane LLama create the short ‘The Alamo’, showcased in our previous throwback. The Alamo started what we consider modern Insane LLama and jump started our thirst to create short films. Nearly a week after The Alamo was released we all got together to film a new short; which ended up being ‘The Facility’.

The Facility is about an agent played by Spencer Morris who is tasked with infiltrating a secret cloning facility. Spencer successfully gets into the facility but once in is attacked by the clones played by Eliot and Evan. A massive shootout ensues with Spencer taking out many clones, but when one goes down, brand new clones come out to attack. After some battles Spencer tries to escape but is knocked out and taken hostage. The end scene sees Spencer confronted by the two original clones where they tell him their plan and that there will be a bomb going off, blowing up the facility and killing Spencer. After unmasking Spencer, Eliot and Evan leave, which then Spencer reveals he kept scissors in his pocket that he uses to get loose. Facility ends with an intense decision by Spencer to decide which wire to cut to stop the bomb.


This short was mainly made because I (Evan) had gotten some stock muzzle flash effects. The effects for the short were the first special effects we had ever done; which you can tell now by how shitty they are. I had no clue how to use Adobe After Effects and after browsing Videocopilot’s website for a long time I finally figured out how to do the effects.

Once completed we all thought the short was pretty fricken badass. Here’s the short for everyone to enjoy!

Link to Video – The Facility

We had enjoyed making The Facility so much that literally about two days later the sequel Facility 2 was made.

Facility 2 starts off right where the first one ended with Spencer cutting the wires to the bomb. Spencer regains his composure and finds a pistol in a closet, which he uses to break the lock to the room. The movie cuts to the main clones Eliot and Evan outside where they wonder why the bomb didn’t go off. In response they send in two clones to check out what is going on. A shootout erupts with clone Eliot getting  shot and killed by Spencer. Soon a fist fight breaks out between Evan and Spencer, with Spencer eventually winning and shooting Evan in the head.


Spencer makes his escape out of the facility where two more clones attack him. Spencer does a pretty cool slow motion jump off our patio, which upon landing a clone throws a grenade that explodes. Spencer easily avoids the explosion and escapes into the nearby forest, while the clones retreat to alert the generals or lead clones. Facility 2 famously ends with a cliffhanger where Spencer hears a twig snap and turns around to see what it is.


Facility 2 basically followed the same plot and structure as the first one. The biggest and most ambitious aspect of the second Facility was the grenade explosion effect. At the time we thought it was pretty dang cool with even friend and follow LLama Brad Delfeld saying that the grenade won him over. Like most early stuff when you look back at them now it’s obvious that the effect was badly done.

Here’s the video.

Link To Video – Facility 2

With Facility 2 ending in a cliffhanger we planned to make a third and final installment of the trilogy. The third one was in planning a pretty ambitious project for us with a massive battle at a big dirt hill in our local park planned. For unknown reasons the final chapter was never made, which is very unfortunate.

The Facility series is some of our earliest planned work where we learned a lot in the process. The series also started a period where we did many guns and shootout videos since what kids wouldn’t want to create action gun flicks.


Here’s to the Facility series! Well that’s our throwback to some of our classics. We hope you enjoyed reading a little about our past. Be on the lookout for future Throwback Thursdays; we’re starting to get into the good stuff of our past. Thank you and see you next time!


Throwback Thursday – Facility Duo