The Big Shorts Movie Posters!

I’ve been busy this past week making movie posters for all of Insane LLama’s big short films. These are the planned scripted short films we make that take months of preparation with pre-production, etc.

Starting with ‘Black Dream’ earlier this year I started to make movie posters for our short films, especially since I found out our own Mike Pinkerton has printing rights to our schools industrial printer. There’s something cool about seeing a movie poster for your own film hanging on your wall. It inspires you to make the next one even bigger and better.

Anyway, here’s all 8 of the posters in order from when the short was released. Enjoy!

The Signal Poster

A Dealer's Iniquity Poster

Junkie Poster

The Actor's Cut Poster

Deal With The Devil Poster

Nobody But Me Poster

Black Dream Official Poster

Savage Poster Final

The Big Shorts Movie Posters!

Insane LLama The Poster

I found out my school has a pretty good printer that can print out full size high quality posters. This past week I put the printer to use and made some posters. One I create is a collage of a shot from every short Insane LLama has ever made. I present to you the Insane LLama 10 year poster! Check it out and see what shorts you notice in it. Comment on the post if one looks interesting and you want to know which short it is, I’ll definitely respond back with the short information and how you can view it. Enjoy!

Final LLama Poster

Insane LLama The Poster