Cloudy + Chippy – Short Film


Eliot and I made a quick new short film the other night… Well sort of, it’s not very much and I’d say isn’t really up to the standards of what we are capable of now. It’s more of a test of a couple things I wanted to try out.

I wanted to try out a effect or more of a seamless transition between two characters with the camera panning between them. Well it didn’t work as I expected but the good thing is I now know how to do correctly for whenever we want to try it again. Basically what went wrong this time is there was a slightly different look between the two shots I wanted to seamlessly transition between, but the bigger problem is the camera picked up a pretty good amount of noise in the video, making it hard to transition between the two shots.

Next time I got to make sure the shots are identical which can be accomplished with sticking with one camera set up and not the two I did this time. I also got to make sure my camera settings are correct next time to avoid the noise; which I believe I missed in this test because I messed with the brightness and contrast settings on my Atomos Shogun.

If there is noise I could just use a post-production noise remover which I did try out this time and fixed part of the problem. The issue with this fix is it adds many hours to the videos render time, which I couldn’t afford this time since I had other projects in line that needed to be rendered out quickly.

The video was also a test for some LUT’s I wanted to try out through the Shogun. I’ve never utilized LUT’s in the past and through a School project I’m currently working on I got to experience how they can be useful in giving a film a better look or more importantly capturing better S-Log2 footage through my A7s.

There’s all kinds of LUT’s that can be downloaded for free off the internet; colorist or just people in general are always creating some, which most usually give out for free. There’s film emulation, stylized filters, and color space LUT’s out there to use, with all of them being useful for achieving that look a filmmaker wants.

I’ve been looking into the color space ones such as Rec. 709. This color space is known as the current HDTV standard for broadcasting television and many films also utilize this space. This standard is going to be replaced by Rec. 2020 in the upcoming years with UHD televisions coming into the market; but for now Rec. 709 will be used.

I tried a couple S-Log2 to Rec. 709 LUT’s out through my Shogun and a couple gave a good look. I ended up liking and choosing one which I selected to burn straight into the footage instead of applying in post. It didn’t change the footage drastically but mostly just spruced up the colors to my liking.

I will definitely be experimenting with LUT’s and production color settings more in the upcoming future.

Anyway back to the actual short film which is titled “Cloudy + Chippy” for the two characters Eliot plays. Chad the main character has two versions of himself: one the sad cloudy type and the other a more joyful chippy guy.

This is a 5.1 surround sound project since I’ve gotten quite accustomed to working with 6 channels when sound designing/mixing. It’s basically much more entertaining creating pans through different channels and experimenting layering sounds and effects through multiple speakers. I believe most of the work that will be coming out from us now will utilize surround sound; especially since I’m led to believe that Youtube supports 5.1 even with its heavy compression methods.

Well here’s the short film’s link while also being embedded on this post, choose which ever you prefer, but I suggest clicking the link since it will be higher quality. Feedback on how the seamless transition effect can be perfected or just what you think of the short is appreciated. I can also answer any questions about LUT’s or using them through the Atomos Shogun.

Consider subscribing to our Youtube pages or a quick follow of this blog, we’ll try to make it worth the click. Enjoy and until next time!

Cloudy + Chippy

Cloudy + Chippy – Short Film

The Photoshoot – Short Film


It’s been awhile but Insane LLama actually has a new short film! ‘The Photoshoot’.

Post took much longer on this than expected with some complicated errors popping up; but it finally worked and it’s here for everyone to see.

Mike goes to Eliot for some acting head shots and the experience isn’t what he was expecting.

Featuring: Eliot Schultz and Mike Pinkerton.

Feedback is appreciated, especially since we haven’t been at this for awhile. Consider subscribing to the Insane LLama Youtube channels for future videos or maybe follow this blog so you will be updated when new videos or whatever else we have come up. As always, enjoy!

Link To Video – The Photoshoot

The Photoshoot – Short Film

Savage – Short Film


Insane LLama Productions is proud to be releasing our latest short film: ‘Savage’.

We’ve been hard at work on this project for these past few months and we’re eager to get it out for everyone to watch and enjoy. Well here it is for everyone to see.

Big thanks to our cast that includes: Eliot Schultz, Zach Williamson, and Brandon Somerville.

Special thanks to our crew that consisted of Mike Pinkerton.

Feedback is appreciated, as it helps us grow as filmmakers. As always enjoy!

Link To Movie – Savage


Savage – Short Film

10 Years of LLama – Mike Pinkerton

mike LLama Pic

Mikey P, The Pink, “Mic”, P-Sizzle, or really just Mike Pinkerton; a man of mystery in the Insane LLama ranks, really just a man of everything.

Welcome to another edition of our 10 Years of LLama; where we take a look back and celebrate the people who have helped and made Insane LLama Productions over the past 10 years. I’m (Evan) changing it up this week, unlike the previous editions where we went way back in time, this edition I’m going to talk about a more recent person in the Insane LLama timeline. Today we look at the history of our very own Mike Pinkerton, the sound of the LLama.


Mike Pinkerton entered my life during my freshman year of college, he was a sophomore screenwriter major who lived in the same area as me on campus. We would occasionally hangout, but no creative work or anything would come out of this period. It would be in the fall of my second year at school, living in a apartment off-campus now, somehow Mike ended up in my living room. I had told him that I’m an editor, which Mike was looking for one at the time for his then girlfriends music video he was producing. Sounded easy so I told him I can do it, which began Mike’s collaboration with Insane LLama, which continues to this day.

Mike and I did 2 music videos in the winter of 2013/2014, but these we don’t talk about anymore, it would be a little later after these when Mike’s first real Insane LLama role would come. During the spring of my second year I had to do my independent production (IP), which quickly I decided I wanted to do a redux of our short ‘Ice Cream’ from a few years earlier. Good news came that Eliot would be coming out to California to visit when the shoot would be taking place, one actor down, I just needed one more which was becoming much more difficult than I thought. Everyone I asked said no and with little options left since I was to naive to just hold auditions, I finally remembered Mike. He agreed right away since at the time he wanted to get into more acting. ‘Ice Cream Redux’ was made, which in fact was the first time Mike and Eliot had ever met each other.


Mike would take on some roles in a couple Insane LLama shorts in the upcoming months which include: ‘Insomnia’ and ‘The Deal’, while also including his first real speaking roles in November 2014 with ‘Dimensions’ and ‘Soul Insurance’. Around this time Mike took on a even bigger role and task with Insane LLama, becoming our dual Boom Op and sound recorder. Every large scale Insane LLama production’s sound has been done by ‘Mic’ Pinkerton since November 2014.

This time period would also see Mike take on his biggest role yet when Insane LLama produced his directing debut while also starring in the ambitious ‘Kriminal 50’. Once completed the project was easily the most work put into a short for us at the time. The short has some cool things, while also has some major downfalls, but it has a place in our history.


2015 saw Mike’s participation in Insane LLama increase a lot, appearing in multiple shorts, doing sound, but also helping out in other big ways such as providing transportation. Another big chance came for Mike during the shoot of ‘In This Line of Work’; where he was the main star, but more importantly he helped out in the writing of the stories narration. Mike would provide transportation for our biggest project at the time in the form of ‘Deal With The Devil’. Long story but we ended up staying in Los Vegas for 3 days after an accident; but everything worked out since we were able to at least shoot everything for the project. Mike would even join Eliot and I on our business trip to the Avid Connect and NAB conferences in Los Vegas a mere two weeks after the first visit.

The rest of 2015 saw the occasional Pinkerton appearance in a short. Such bigger roles included: ‘Ambient Inflection’, ‘Fear Threshold’, ‘The Shot’ and the ambitious and tough short of ‘Gloop’.


The latest big score for Mike came in late 2015 with his next directing project of ‘The All-Star Agents of Victory’. The project was for Mike’s class which was a hit with the professor. Overall it was a well-rounded complete project and gives Mike great experience for whenever he decides to helm a project again. Mike will make multiple appearances in the upcoming months, big and small, comedy and serious, he will do his best. Mike has provided and will continue to provide to Insane LLama for as long as we can keep the collaboration up.


We Celebrate the great Pinkerton! Now for what everyone has been waiting for… The Mike Pinkerton video! Enjoy!

We end this tribute with words from the great man Mike Pinkerton himself! Thanks to Mike for taking time out of his day to answer these questions.


1) Who are you and what do you do?

Well, I’m Mike Pinkerton. I’ve been working with Insane LLama for a few years now, and also studying screenwriting, and other things that have little to do with screenwriting, at Chapman University.

I also work on the side as an office assistant/plastic surgery assistant at an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist’s office in Newport Beach. We also perform head and neck maxillofacial surgery So, if you ever catch a sinus infection, or have considered a necklift, or need your ears examined, you know where to go.

Before that, I had always been involved in writing stories, and telling them, ever since I was a little kid. I was that guy with the binder full of drawings of everything he could come up with. I was also played football, wrestled, acted on stage, and produced our school news program, “Griffin News,” where I was mentored by the screenwriter and producer Larry Strawther, who brought “Most Extreme Elimination Challenge” (The Japanese game show where people have to go through obstacle courses, or at least the first one in English) to the US.

I felt like I was able to really hone my storytelling skills with the news; we were allowed to do sketch comedies, man-on-the-street bits, public service announcements, almost anything, and we pushed the limits, but we delivered quality that people loved. It was a mix of everybody: Football players, the uncool guys, baseball players,  the art nerds, the metal heads, the cheerleaders, the special needs students, international students, the druggies, the kid who didn’t even go for wine during communion; but in a way, since we represented a lot of the school, a lot of people felt their voices were heard.

Now, I’ve begun focusing on feature productions, as well as serial short films.

2) How did you get involved in Insane LLama Productions?

I had known Evan for a little longer than a year, and asked him if he would edit a music video I directed. Soon afterwards, Evan directed a short student project, where I first acted opposite his brother, Eliot “Man of 1000 Beards” Schultz, titled “Ice Cream Redux.” After this, Eliot and I worked on a string of shorts involving supernatural subjects, but often everyday characters paired up against it.

My personal favorite was “Soul Insurance,” where I played the jellybean loving everyman, who’s paid a visit by an insurance salesman who’s literally from hell, not figuratively like the ones I used to work with (A role entirely improvised by Eliot “Ten Costa Rican Souls” Schultz.

From there, an Insane LLama crew started to build up in Orange, At the time consisting of Evan, Eliot, Zach Williamson, and me. We’ve been moving full speed ahead ever since.

3) What is your most memorable on-set moment with Insane Llama?

I loved filming Black Dream out in Joshua Tree just over Winter Break this year. The area wasn’t too hot or too cold most of the day, and the landscape is absolutely beautiful. It was a great place to do what we love, and a great environment, not only in the sense of the setting in a film, but for the adventures we shared as well.

4) Favorite Insane Llama short film?

There are a lot of different, strange categories that the films we’ve worked on have gone into, so it wouldn’t be fair to pick one when there are great comedies, dramas, action movies, and other things all mixed in.

So, here’s my best attempt to summarize some favorites:

Traditional comedies: Soul Insurance, A Trip to Fullerton, The Actor’s Cut

Absurd comedies: Frosting Beard, Pac Man, Dimensions

Surrealist comedies: Gloop.

Traditional action: A Moment of Clarity, A Chase and a Fight, Nobody But Me

Strange foreign and/or campy action: Kriminal 50, Action Man series, The All-Star Agents of Victory

Surrealist Action: Teleportation Men

Traditional Drama: In this Line of Work, Black Dream, Deal with the Devil

Surreal Drama: The Signal, The Deal

5) Favorite Llama actor to work with?

Gloop. Definitely him. Every day he’s on set, he’s got a smile on his face, and it’s hard to understand what he’s saying, but he’s giving everyone a laugh. We can barely keep a straight face when we shoot!

6) Did you learn anything when working with Insane Llama?

I keep learning new things each time we work on a project.

7) Do you still keep up and follow Insane Llama?

Every day.

8) How do you feel about Insane Llama turning 10 years old?

Even though I haven’t been around for the whole lifetime of Insane LLama, I’m proud to be part of the team, and I’m proud to have experienced so much already, and have so much respect for Evan, Eliot, and everyone who’s helped out throughout a whole decade.

9) Where do you see Insane Llama in another 10 years?

Hopefully, Insane Llama will still continue making short films, where we are creating original content on a continuous basis, simply for the purpose of creating good art.

10) Share anything you want to tell the Insane Llama Audience?

Whether you’ve done something as simple as watch a video, or help us purchase  something as amazing as a 4K converter, I want to say thank you. We’re able to do what we love and we’re getting better and better. Stick around for the next ten years. I promise you’ll see amazing changes, and films which will keep getting more and more mind-blowing.

Bonus) Favorite Role you’ve done?

Kriminal 50. He’s a strange character, who’s a protagonist with plenty of amazing lines (voiced by Eliot “Italian Stallion” Schultz himself!), but is also a villain in a way: He robs banks, always seems to be on the run from Tex Willer (played by Eliot “Cowboy Detective” Schultz himself!)


Mike Pinkerton – The Pinky P!

10 Years of LLama – Mike Pinkerton

Insane LLama – Latest Behind The Scenes Round-up! – March 2016

Behind The Scenes

Here’s Insane LLama’s latest batch of behind the scenes pictures. If you haven’t followed our official Instagram page yet, here’s a link so you can do that.

Link To Insane LLama Instagram – Da LLama Gram

Another great person I would recommend to follow on Instagram would be our very own Mike Pinkerton. He is usually the first person to post pictures from our shoots; which you may notice a lot of the Insane LLama instagram photos come from him, I repeat some and not all, so it would be beneficial if you want the full LLama experience to follow his account.

Link To Mike Pinkerton’s Instagram – Pinkerton’s Instagram

Anyway here’s what you expected from this post, all of the latest behind the scenes photos and even a couple videos!

Evan shares his thoughts about a recent shoot of Gone Hollywood.

Actress T’Lana Balue in front of the green screen for a news report scene.

Actors Duncan Kinzie and Eliot Schultz apply dirt make up before a Black Dream scene.

Evan tests some low bass on his surround system before the Black Dream release.

Evan applies Sony Vegas editing shortcut stickers to his keyboard.

Evan Schultz – “I am the behind the scenes”.

Eliot talks about Mike’s cameos in Gone Hollywood.

Last shot of the Day!

Black Dream timeline view in Sony Vegas.

Black Dream DVD/Blu-Ray main menu!

All of Insane LLama’s cameras used throughout the years.

Latest shoot of Gone Hollywood!


That’s all we have at the moment; we’re planning to actually start taking better and more in depth behind the scenes photos in the future, so be prepared. Follow the two Instagram accounts linked at the top of the post to stay in the loop with Insane LLama. Thanks and be on the watch for future post on the Insane LLama Productions official blog!

Insane LLama – Latest Behind The Scenes Round-up! – March 2016

Black Dream – Short Film

Black Dream

Insane LLama Productions is proud to release our most ambitious project to date: ‘Black Dream’. Watch it now because of festival rules it will only be up for the next week before it goes private.

Two brothers search the desert hills of late 1800’s California for oil; one brother struggles with finding reason in keeping the search going, while the other continues on at no cost.

We want to thank everyone who was involved in the making of this project, we couldn’t have done with out them.

Starring Eliot Schultz & Duncan Kinzie
Directed By Evan & Eliot Schultz
Written By Eliot Schultz
Original Score By Joe Hurt
Shot & Edited By Evan Schultz
Sound Recording By Mike Pinkerton
Assistant Camera By Zach Williamson
Special Thanks to Jim Schultz & Taryn Schultz

Shot on a Sony A7s with an Atomos Shogun
Sound Recorded with a Rode NTG-3 on a Tascam DR-40
Edited and mixed in Sony Vegas Pro 13

This is a 5.1 surround sound mix so if possible hook up your stereo and watch it with surround sound for the best possible viewing experience.

Please give us a watch and if possible feedback is appreciated, if you like what you see consider subscribing to the Insane LLama Youtube channels for future content. As always enjoy!

Link to Short Film – Black Dream

Black Dream – Short Film

Black Dream – Official Release Date

Black Dream Official Poster

We’re happy to tell everyone that the release date for Black Dream has been finalized for Tuesday March 8th 2016. This date is set unless there are some unforeseen problems that arise in the next week.

Two brothers search the desert hills of late 1800’s California for oil; one brother struggles with finding reason in keeping the search going, while the other keeps on at no cost.

FEATURING Eliot Schultz and Duncan Kinzie. DIRECTED Evan & Eliot Schultz. ORIGINAL SCORE Joe Hurt. WRITTEN Eliot Schultz. SHOT & EDITED Evan Schultz. SOUND RECORDING Mike Pinkerton. ASSISTANT CAMERA Zach Williamson.

If you haven’t seen our official trailer for Black Dream, follow the link below.

Black Dream Preview

Black Dream will be released on the Insane LLama Youtube channel, maybe subscribe so you’re updated right when it’s out, you will also be able to catch all of our future releases too, you won’t be disappointed. The link to the Insane LLama Youtube is below.

Insane LLama Youtube Channel

Thanks for the support everyone, we’re excited to release this and hopefully keep all of you entertained.

Black Dream – Official Release Date