The Photoshoot – Short Film


It’s been awhile but Insane LLama actually has a new short film! ‘The Photoshoot’.

Post took much longer on this than expected with some complicated errors popping up; but it finally worked and it’s here for everyone to see.

Mike goes to Eliot for some acting head shots and the experience isn’t what he was expecting.

Featuring: Eliot Schultz and Mike Pinkerton.

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Link To Video – The Photoshoot

The Photoshoot – Short Film

The Big Shorts Movie Posters!

I’ve been busy this past week making movie posters for all of Insane LLama’s big short films. These are the planned scripted short films we make that take months of preparation with pre-production, etc.

Starting with ‘Black Dream’ earlier this year I started to make movie posters for our short films, especially since I found out our own Mike Pinkerton has printing rights to our schools industrial printer. There’s something cool about seeing a movie poster for your own film hanging on your wall. It inspires you to make the next one even bigger and better.

Anyway, here’s all 8 of the posters in order from when the short was released. Enjoy!

The Signal Poster

A Dealer's Iniquity Poster

Junkie Poster

The Actor's Cut Poster

Deal With The Devil Poster

Nobody But Me Poster

Black Dream Official Poster

Savage Poster Final

The Big Shorts Movie Posters!

Latest Behind The Scenes Round-Up – July 2016

Behind The Scenes

Insane LLama has been busy working on our short film ‘Savage’ these past few months. We have here our latest batch of behind the scenes photos and videos.

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Link To Instagram – Da LLama Gram

Here’s the latest round-up. Enjoy!


Big Thanks to our own Mike Pinkerton for taking most of these photos. We hope you enjoyed this latest batch of behind the scenes photos/videos. We’re hoping for future projects to have more in depth and expanded behind the scenes coverage so everyone can get a true grasp of our productions and the amount of work we put to make these stories come to life. Thanks and see you next time!

Latest Behind The Scenes Round-Up – July 2016

Insane LLama – Latest Behind The Scenes Round-up! – March 2016

Behind The Scenes

Here’s Insane LLama’s latest batch of behind the scenes pictures. If you haven’t followed our official Instagram page yet, here’s a link so you can do that.

Link To Insane LLama Instagram – Da LLama Gram

Another great person I would recommend to follow on Instagram would be our very own Mike Pinkerton. He is usually the first person to post pictures from our shoots; which you may notice a lot of the Insane LLama instagram photos come from him, I repeat some and not all, so it would be beneficial if you want the full LLama experience to follow his account.

Link To Mike Pinkerton’s Instagram – Pinkerton’s Instagram

Anyway here’s what you expected from this post, all of the latest behind the scenes photos and even a couple videos!

Evan shares his thoughts about a recent shoot of Gone Hollywood.

Actress T’Lana Balue in front of the green screen for a news report scene.

Actors Duncan Kinzie and Eliot Schultz apply dirt make up before a Black Dream scene.

Evan tests some low bass on his surround system before the Black Dream release.

Evan applies Sony Vegas editing shortcut stickers to his keyboard.

Evan Schultz – “I am the behind the scenes”.

Eliot talks about Mike’s cameos in Gone Hollywood.

Last shot of the Day!

Black Dream timeline view in Sony Vegas.

Black Dream DVD/Blu-Ray main menu!

All of Insane LLama’s cameras used throughout the years.

Latest shoot of Gone Hollywood!


That’s all we have at the moment; we’re planning to actually start taking better and more in depth behind the scenes photos in the future, so be prepared. Follow the two Instagram accounts linked at the top of the post to stay in the loop with Insane LLama. Thanks and be on the watch for future post on the Insane LLama Productions official blog!

Insane LLama – Latest Behind The Scenes Round-up! – March 2016

Black Dream – Preview

BD Promo Poster

Insane LLama Productions is proud to announce our latest project, titled “Black Dream”.

Two brothers go searching in the California desert of the late 1800’s for oil, hoping to make their fortune; one brother struggles with finding hope in the search, while the other goes on at no cost.

We head out to the desert this weekend to shoot this ambitious project, a lot is planned. Keep on the lookout in February for the release of this short film. Next week we will pictures from the shoot posted, stay tuned.

We’re excited for this shoot but more importantly eager to get the best product out to viewers. Enjoy!

Black Dream – Preview