Savage – Short Film


Insane LLama Productions is proud to be releasing our latest short film: ‘Savage’.

We’ve been hard at work on this project for these past few months and we’re eager to get it out for everyone to watch and enjoy. Well here it is for everyone to see.

Big thanks to our cast that includes: Eliot Schultz, Zach Williamson, and Brandon Somerville.

Special thanks to our crew that consisted of Mike Pinkerton.

Feedback is appreciated, as it helps us grow as filmmakers. As always enjoy!

Link To Movie – Savage


Savage – Short Film

Black Dream – Preview

BD Promo Poster

Insane LLama Productions is proud to announce our latest project, titled “Black Dream”.

Two brothers go searching in the California desert of the late 1800’s for oil, hoping to make their fortune; one brother struggles with finding hope in the search, while the other goes on at no cost.

We head out to the desert this weekend to shoot this ambitious project, a lot is planned. Keep on the lookout in February for the release of this short film. Next week we will pictures from the shoot posted, stay tuned.

We’re excited for this shoot but more importantly eager to get the best product out to viewers. Enjoy!

Black Dream – Preview