Throwback Thursday – Takedown

Throwback Thursday Official

Wow… Yes you see that right, it’s actually a new ‘Throwback Thursday’ post. I (Evan) became extremely busy these past few months with school to the production of our latest big short film ‘Savage’ which kept me from doing our weekly post like throwback.

Well here we are in August, there’s no films to be shot, no classes to focus on, no clients with videos to be made. So it’s ample time to post a new Throwback Thursday!

When we left off in April with the last throwback we were looking back at 2007 when Insane LLama really took making movies more seriously. To be more precise we looked back at the two short films that basically started us with the Facility duo. Continuing after that we started to make short films on a more regular basis, especially once school got out in the summer of 2007 and we had way to much time on our hands. There were a couple other short films made during this time, but they were nothing special so I guess I’ll save those for another throwback post once we scrape everything out of the barrel on our history.

In this post we go to late summer 2007 when a Hollywood film starring Matt Damon came out. This movie of course is the kickass action flick ‘Bourne Ultimatum’, the last release of the Bourne trilogy before the whole Jeremy Renner ‘Legacy’ and now return of Damon in the unoriginal named ‘Jason Bourne’.

The Bourne series was a favorite of all my brothers, father and myself; with us seeing the first two installments in theaters when released. The third segment was no different with all of us pretty eager to see how everything ended in the series. We went and saw the film the weekend it came out. The movie easily met our expectations and you can say may even exceeded them. Young Eliot and I were easily inspired by the feel of the movie, from the shaky camera to the blue color correction (Both later incorporated into our own movies). Though there was one aspect that inspired us the most: the fight scenes. The hand to hand combat in the movie was just completely badass and invigorating. It was like nothing we had seen from Hollywood action films before, the intensity, the brutal feel, and the sound design.

We were definitely inspired… Which brings us to.

Takedown 1

Takedown. The very next day after seeing the third Bourne, Eliot, my older brother Ethan, and I decided to do our best to emulate the style of the movie. We were basically going to make a fight scene.

What ensued was our most ambitious film yet with hand to hand combat between Eliot and myself. We also tried some stunts which included one where I throw Eliot across a table knocking down some cleverly placed empty bottles and containers.

Takedown 3

We tried our best to make the fight as realistic as it could be, which watching now may seem a little off with punches seeming weak and not hitting their target. Us being young didn’t know the tricks we know now to make everything seem better. Which includes speeding up footage and the most use tricked in fights which is to cut away a few frames between the punch being thrown and hitting its target.

During the end sequence in the bathroom we decided to go all out, which during the melee I hit Eliot’s head on the toilet hard by accident. He played it off and continued, with Eliot’s character eventually being defeated by me. I kill him off by slamming a door against his head multiply times. This part made our close friend Zach Schnieder laugh his off literally every time he viewed it, even to this present day.

Takedown 2

For how young we were and inexperienced the short came out pretty damn good. The film did pretty successful on our Youtube channel when it was released. It became one of our most viewed shorts and gained us quite a few subscribers by our standards.

Like many of our early films it was taken off the main Insane LLama channel when we purged all of the shorts that had aged and contained younger us.

Don’t worry though it has been re-uploaded on Insane LLama Young, Old and Shitty for everyone to view its glory. Watch it and be entertained by some kids kicking the shit out of each other. Here’s the link with it also being embed here. Enjoy!

Link To Video – Takedown

Well I hope you enjoyed this look back at Takedown and early Insane LLama history. I’ll hopefully be back next week with another throwback. I also hope to do a better job giving insight into the short, this week I’m strapped for time and need to pack for a trip to Minnesota since we’re leaving very soon.

Thanks and continue doing what you do!

Throwback Thursday – Takedown

Throwback Thursday – The Alamo

Throwback Thursday

Here’s our weekly Throwback Thursday for Insane LLama Productions! This week we go back to the short that started modern Insane LLama; a short we created back in the spring of 2007 called ‘The Alamo’.

Insane LLama had created a couple shorts in late 2006, but the process of making them wasn’t taken much seriously; the thought of making movies full-time hadn’t come across our minds yet. I (Evan) was in the 7th grade in the spring of 2007, which during this time I was assigned a project with the topic of the Texas Revolution and the Alamo. I noticed when the rubric for the project was given out that one choice one could do is make a video. Of course I would rather film something and just present the DVD than make a speech and presentation in front of the whole class. I teamed up with my good friend Jay and we were off to make a cool video.


We gathered a decent sized group of neighborhood friends and headed to the park behind my house, where there was a big dirt hill we intended to use as the Alamo. Jay and I as it was our project, acted as the Texans. Eliot would join us too, while everyone else were to be the attacking Mexican army. We decided to use some old firecrackers as gunfire hitting around us. One friend lit and threw the fireworks pretty close to us as we ran, when exploded they startled us as we had to dodge out of the way.


We finished the shoot up pretty quickly and I went into editing. What I saw was pretty shitty, this wasn’t going to be the cool video I was going to show my class, a re-shoot was needed. A few shots from the first day were kept in the final video which can be seen as the darker and more dreary looking shots in the beginning. All the sunny look shots are part of the re-shoot day. For these re-shoots we gathered an even larger group of friends and headed back out to the dirt hill. I’m pretty sure to satisfy a requirement of the project we decided to make a story about a Texan who runs from the Alamo and is later interviewed. We shot all of the battle scenes and death of all the Texans first. I had a cool stunt shot of me falling down the hill near the end.

At the time all of the battle scenes we made turned out badass to us; which with some time we can obviously see that it was pretty cheesy. The interview was the last scene we filmed, which ended up getting the most laughs from Jay’s and my classes. In the scene our friend Cody put on a wig and a pillow under his shirt and pretended to be Oprah. He improved some lines which included the last one he said about a pregnant 13 year old girl. My history teacher didn’t approve of this line after seeing the first play through of the video in my class; he turned off the TV before the line in Jay’s class.


The reaction to the short was positive in both classes shown; some of this may be because of how every other video that was shown turned out pretty terrible and awkward. Jay’s and my history teacher loved the video besides the last line of course; he especially pointed out how the sound effects were pretty cool, more specifically the Wilhem scream we used at a point. The teacher asked if he could keep the DVD to show to future classes as an example; which we said yes to since more people to see our work the better.

It got even better at the end of the month when our history teacher made both Jay and I the history class students of the month. The honor came with a certificate and ribbon. The Alamo video had a even bigger effect on us though. The video started our passion to make shorts all the time, we loved making movies now. We would shoot and release over 20 shorts in the rest of the year. We now always wanted to make movies which ever since The Alamo, we have never gone at least a few months between a new short being filmed.

The Alamo short has aged and is not any good now, but this relic of the past has a place in the Insane LLama history, it will never be forgotten. Enough typing, here’s the video.

I hope you enjoyed this look into the past, if you enjoyed it be on the lookout for the next throwback. See you next time!

Throwback Thursday – The Alamo