Ambient Inflection – Cycles

Ambient Inflection - Cycles

Here’s Ambient Inflection’s latest release: ‘Cycles’.

This batch of music and visuals has been in progress since March of this year, been fun to experiment with some new styles with this release. Making these ambient videos teaches me a lot of new effects and techniques in my editing style which I then put towards Insane LLama’s narrative work.

Please know that this is electronic music; but there are also a few songs I did actually play guitar for.

So put your headphones on, maybe light up something, and enjoy the show!

Link To Video – Ambient Inflection – Cycles

Ambient Inflection – Cycles

Ambient Inflection – An Introduction – Plus Name To Come

Ambient Logo

Ambient Inflection has been around for little over a year now; pretty much meaning I’ve been making music for about a year now. Ambient Inflection had 6 full releases in 2015, ranging from about 25 minutes, all the way to 2 hours. If you don’t know about AI releases you should definitely check them out; pretty much I release what I call a visual / audio experience, making what some people would call trippy / psychedelic / colorful patterns and visuals combined with my latest electronic music.

The visuals I combine footage I’ve gathered over the years. Since my freshman year in college I’ve always brought my camera on any trips or even if were just going to a cool place, to simply just film everything. Another way I’ve also been getting footage is my friend Aidan Evans who is also in the business of making what we call ambient videos. For the last year whenever he shoots footage he gives me all of it and I return the favor by giving him all the footage I shoot.

Here’s a link to Aidan’s website where you can check out his music and ambient videos.

Aidan’s Stuff

Here’s a link to the Ambient Inflection Youtube.

Ambient Inflection Audio/Visual Experience

Here’s the Ambient Inflection Soundcloud if you’re only into the audio component.

Ambient Inflection Soundcloud

What do I see the point of these ambient videos you may ask? From experience I can say that these videos are not for everyone; my brother and Insane LLama co-founder Eliot took awhile to see the point in them, he didn’t like how there were no stories or structure to the videos, but even he has seen some entertainment value to the latest videos by simply just trying to find a story behind the visuals and noticing the different patterns I employ.

That’s pretty much the point I make these ambient videos; for people to see and make whatever purpose they serve. Some people just like to get high and get lost in a trance while the videos play. Me personally I use the videos as a thinking aid by turning them on which in turn helps inspire me. Another aspect about the videos is really I use them as a learning tool while experimenting. Every video I usually try out new effects and techniques I find in Sony Vegas, which in turn I learn new stuff I can employ into my narrative work. I can positively say that my narrative work has become better from the work I put into these ambient videos.

They say that it takes about 10,000 hours to master a skill or hobby. My music is a work in progress that I put a lot of time into to simply always get better at it. This can be seen by the improvement and really the amount of depth my music has seen in every release. It’s been a year since I made the jump into making music and my goal is to always just get better at making new beats with every new track. It will be interesting to see what it all sound like in another year as I learn more about music and get better at the software I use: FL Studio. All in all music has helped me get better at expressing myself; it has become another way to input creativity. I enjoy it immensely and more importantly it makes me happy to make music.

Name to Come

I want to end this post by announcing the release of Ambient Inflection’s latest new release; the biggest and most ambitious collection of visuals / audio I’ve put together. I’m proud to be releasing ‘Name To Come’. Work on it started in late October and continued into the new¬† year, concluding with the 30th video in early March. All 30 videos have been put into a logical order and are ready to everyone to view and enjoy!

Here’s the link to Name To Come – Name To Come

Subscribe to the Ambient Inflection Youtube channel if you like what you experienced, this next year I have some pretty cool things planned for the channel. If you thought of a interesting point or concept when you watch one of the videos, share it in the comments section, I’m definitely eager to read what people come up with. As always I end the post by saying enjoy!


Ambient Inflection – An Introduction – Plus Name To Come