Card Play – Short Film

New short film from Insane LLama! Titled ‘Card Play’ and Featuring: Eliot Schultz, Zach Williamson, plus Mike Pinkerton.

Three guys get involved in a high stakes game of cards, with each card flip building the tension even more.

Camera: Sony A7s with an Atomos Shogun

Lens: Rokinon 85mm T1.5 Cine lens

Sound: Rode NTG-3 to a Tascam DR-40

We had actually shot this film back in early January and were pretty far in post-production before I (Evan) had to turn my attention to my senior thesis films. Well after a grueling month and a half of thesis work I was able to return to Card Play this past weekend. The film had been our first time making anything after a semi-long break and was intended to prepare us for the other big January film we were making: ‘Communication’. We also used the shoot to test out our newest lens we had obtained: the Rokinon 85mm T1.5 Cine lens.

In that case pretty much the entire film was shot with that lens and it turned out great! I had to get use to the smaller space to work with but the more we shot the easier it was. Give the film a watch and tell us what you think, we love feedback. You can watch it through the Youtube link below or simply on the embedded video also below. Enjoy!

Link To Short Film – Card Play

Card Play – Short Film

Links on Links – Insane LLama Social Media Round up

LLama logo Red

Insane LLama has stepped up its game in the social media realm these past two weeks. We have set up accounts on most of the major sites or applications. In this post I’ll be giving all the information and links needed to follow the LLama and be in the loop. Here we go!

Insane LLama official website – ILP Website

Insane LLama Serious Youtube Channel – Insane LLama Serious

Insane LLama Comedy Youtube Channel – Insane LLama Comedy

Insane LLama Young, Old and Shitty – Insane LLama Shit

Ambient Inflection Audio / Visual Experience – Ambient Inflection

Ambient Inflection Soundcloud – Da Soundcloud

Insane LLama official Facebook – LLama Facebook

Insane LLama Instagram – Insane_LLama_Productions

Insane LLama Twitter – The Twitter Thing

Insane LLama Flickr – Holy shit a Flickr

Insane LLama Google + – Who da fuck uses this?





Links on Links – Insane LLama Social Media Round up

A New Beginning

Hello anyone who happens to come across our little blog here, just want to reintroduce Insane LLama Productions again.

This blog was first started for a class as seen by some of the first post which are now removed, but now that this class has ended I want to start it as the official blog of Insane LLama Productions.

We want to attract people who are interested in film and thus our audience will be seeing post such as: behind the scenes and updates of Insane LLama, film tips and tricks, product reviews, and many other film related post. We may throw in a random post of something else every once in a while too. Be on the lookout and if you enjoy what we say, follow us, you won’t be disappointed.

This is exciting times at Insane LLama Productions, we have plenty in store this upcoming year. After a small break we will be making short films again; a lot of short films to be exact since we aim to make at least 100 of them this year.

We are also excited to be making some feature films this year, this September actually, be on the watch for news about this coming soon.

Then lastly and most importantly we are making Insane LLama into an official production company. We will now make commercials, music videos, real estate videography, and even narrative work for anybody who needs our services. We make sure our work is professional and up to our extremely high standards so if you need anything you wont regret coming to us.

Here’s some important links in case you didn’t know them yet.

Bookmark them, like us, or maybe even subscribe.

There’s plenty more to talk about but I want to keep this post short and precise so check on this blog for many more post coming in these upcoming weeks.

Thanks and enjoy your day!

Evan Schultz

A New Beginning